Hello Guys! 🙂
We’re grateful for spending 8 years with you online. (OMG. Has it really been 8 years?) We’ve been hopping from one social media site to another but you allowed us to continue sharing our story in whatever format available in the www! Well, okay. I must say, the blog’s birthday was last April 26.  *I’m such a bad blog mom.*  But, I wanted to be able to sit down and really get to read your comments and entries so I had to move it until all my pending deliverables and workshops are done!

So, how did the Googly Gooeys start? I always thought that on my blog’s birthday, I was supposed to recount the story. Then I realized, I will end up boring those who have read it before.  I think I did a pretty lengthy & detailed story here. 😀 In summary, it all started with a stressful week.  I just wanted to relax & learn a new software.  I accidentally created new characters and I just wanted to share our story.

Eight years later plus a new member of the family, I can’t believe I still have the opportunity to share with you stories, colorful stuff and places that make us happy.  So, thank you for being there all this time! 🙂

Okay! I won’t make this any longer! Here’s a summary of the mechanics:
Blog:  Just comment below which prize you’d like to win. (Yep, that’s it! Better have a registered Disqus account so we can contact you if you win!)
1. Follow @googlygooeys
2. Wait for our blog giveaway related Tweet. RT & Reply.
1. Subscribe to our channel
2. Comment which item you’d to win
3. Share the video with your friends! 🙂
1. Like our Page
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4. Comment which prize you’d like to win!

Skip Hop GGY 9065 copy
Zoo Lunchie ( Raccoon) by Skip Hop from Mothercare
When Riley was born, I bought myself a similar Skip Hop backpack.  The one with the owl on it.  I was so happy to bring it around.  Yes, I’m guilty of buying this for myself instead of Riley. Hehe.

Skip Hop Butterfly Backpack
Butterfly Mini Backpack with Rein
I’m pretty sure a lot of ladies would love this for their younger selves. Haha. You can always join this promo for your nieces and inner child!  Hehehe.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag GGY 9115 copy
Skip Hop Dup Signature Diaper Bag
When we were shooting this, I can’t help but stare at the pattern for so long.  It’s an unlikely color combination but they were able to pull it off so well!   Also, I have this thing for geometric bags.  If you’ve seen the vid, this bag has so many pockets just enough for all those diapersssss, bottles, baby clothes, medicines and the like.  You know how much stuff needs to be lugged around when you’re with a baby!

Skip Hop Bear GGY 9101
Skip Hop Hug Me Bear ProjectionSoother
The ultimate gift for newborn babies. Although, I really think a lot of teens & adults would love this too.  If you press his tummy at night, you’ll see stars on your wall or ceiling!  If you’re loving these Skip Hop Items, you may also head over to Mothercare! 😀

International Website: Mothercare.com
Facebook: MothercarePhils
Instagram: @mothercareph
Mothercare Branches: Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Trinoma, Abreeza Mall Davao, Glorietta 4, Robinson’s Galleria, Harbor Point, Robinson’s Magnolia, Centrio, Robinson’s Manila, Podium, Eastwood, SM Lanang Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, Century Mall, Early Learning Center BHS, Early Learning Center Greenbelt 5!

Update as of June 13:
We’re also giving away some copies of the books I’ve contributed to! 🙂

First is the Stick ‘Em Up Book which was released late last year.  Thankful to have some of my illustrations published by Summit Books alongside June Digan & Abbey Sy!
Stick ‘Em Up is available in all Major Bookstores: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, SM Stationery, Robinson’s Supermarket, Book Sale and more!
Stick Em Up Book GGY 9158
The next one is Letters to My Children also published by Summit Books.  I’m very grateful to have been invited to write & illustrate a letter for Riley alongside with Lea Salonga, Gary Valenciano, Pia Magalona & more.  I’m honestly still laughing at how my letter somehow made it into this book.

Letters to My Children IMG 0035

I’m so happy I didn’t know who else they invited after it has been published or else it would have taken me wayyyy longer to finish my letter. *Whew! Haha* 😀

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Letters to My Children 1
Seriously though, if there are stuff I realized, I learned them by observing workshop participants.  In this book, I started to share lessons about life from art as I normally would in watercolor sessions. 🙂  The last thing that I ever thought about when I was going to have a child was the barrage of book contribution opportunities. So, I’m also happy to have contributed to another international book.  There was a time that the Googly Comics would make it to books and magazines abroad but I’ve long resigned to the fact that that phase was over.

Hand Lettering A to Z IMG 0055
So, thank you to Abbey Sy and the editors over at Quarto Books by Rockport Publishers for believing I could share my love for colors & letters in this book.

Hand Lettering A to Z 2 IMG 0056
By the way, Hand Lettering A to Z is exclusively available in National Bookstore branches nationwide.  You may also order your copy on Amazon.com.
Before I introduce the next project, I’m just really happy that this 8th birthday blog giveaway is turning out to be one big thank you to everyone who have supported us in our journey! 🙂

Money Grows on Trees Notebooks GGY 9147
One of the projects I did early this year was Money Grows on Trees.  It’s the second book of Clarissa de la Paz & Sharon Que from Lifestyle Upgrade.  The first one was I Wish They Taught Me Money in High School.  These books are both aimed at making money matters more friendly to everyone.

Money Grows on Trees Purple GGY 9142
Here’s a time-lapse vid of how I did the cover.  Money is often a taboo topic in our society and I’m just really happy how Cla & Sharon have generously shared their stories from childhood: how they formed their money values & expanded their money comfort zone.  They’re encouraging their readers to do the same.  So, for those of you who would like to grow their money mindset, this is the book for you. 🙂  Their book is available in major bookstores as well as their website.

Well, that’s all for now but we still have so many prizes to reveal so stay tuned! ?

Update as of June 14:
I must say, of all the sets, this was probably the hardest to shoot because we didn’t realize how much time we were spending playing with the prizes we forgot about the time! Hahahahaha.
I’m just happy that some of these prizes from Richwell Club are already toys that Riley’s playing with! 🙂  You know that especially if you see Riley’s IG stories.  I’m sure if you’re a mom, dad, a doting auntie, uncle, an ate or a kuya, you’ll easily find a prize for your favorite little person! 🙂  Let us know in the comments which prize you’d like to win!

Barbie Dreamtopia 3 IMG 9983 copy
Barbie Dreamtopia Set

Vtech Little Gadget Letter Learner
Vtech’s Little Gadget Letter Learner! *You gotta see the video & watch this dude dance.* Haha.

FIsher Price Telephone
Fisher-Price’s Telephone

Mega Bloks
Mega Bloks Car Set

Shopkins Cotton Candy Playset
Shopkins Cotton Candy Playset

Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Track! Riley has this at home and this is what we’re always busy with in the morning and in the afternoon. 😀

Check out the video & watch these toys come alive!
All the toys are available in major toy stores in the Philippines 😀

Promo ends on June 26! 😀 We will be announcing the winners ON THIS BLOG POST 😀

Good luck & have fun!

This is just part one. Watch out for more videos and prizes!! 🙂
P.S. Thanks to Anne Macachor for helping me out with this video! Couldn’t have finished the whole slewwww of prizesss without you! 🙂
Music: Back in Summer by Nicolai Heidlas

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Update as of June 19

Here’s the 4th part of the blog giveaway featuring prizes from Tiny Buds!

Here’s a sneak peek at a stop motion project I worked on this summer. I really had fun painting sheets and sheets of paper different colors of green.   ICYMI, here’s the BTS of our shoot for their brochure. Here’s another chance for moms & babies to win items from Tiny Buds. Aren’t the panda baby wipes cute? 😀

Tiny buds is generously giving away to each winner, 3 baby wipes, a fabric softener and a hand sanitizer! 🙂

tiny Buds stop motion background
Tiny Buds has natural  products that are especially mild and gentle on baby’s skin! 🙂  I was originally supposed to create vectors for this one but I since it is supposed to be a natural product, I suggested the use of paper & wood in the elements. I’m so so happy the client has agreed for me to play with the elements.

Tiny Buds Placement

I feel like a kid permitted to play! 😀

Tiny Buds Elements
Watch the video here & check out the range of items for the giveaway.
You may also find out more about Tiny Buds here:
Stay tuned for the last portion of the giveaway this week! 😀
Thank you so so much for celebrating our 8th birthday (and our own birthdays) with us! 🙂

Update as of June 20

We’re back to giving away art materials.  I know a lot of you have been waiting for this! 😀 Hehehehe.
Well, here it is, the last leg of our 8th birthday blog giveaway. 😀

Blog Giveaway 5 Cover

Faber-Castell Philippines is giving away watercolor sets & and brush pens 😀
Faber Castell Brush Pens Lt Blue
These brush pens are very in demand and is the most affordable for its quality.  😀
Faber Castell Brush Pen Orange
The colors are vibrant and you may find these in major bookstores & art stores. 😀

Faber Castell Brush Pens
To those who can’t wait to get their hands on these brush pens, you may order yours straight from ManilaAtelier.com 😀
Check out what projects you can do with these Faber-Castell products on their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages. 😀
Meanwhile, the Faber-Castell Watercolor set is the one that we’ve been using for our workshops. 😀

Faber Castell Watercolor Set GGY 1017
We’re giving away 3 sets of this.  😀  I especially love using this for brush lettering.  I love mixing fuchsia and dark blue to produce my red violets & shades of purple. 😀
Did you know you can also produce teal from this set by combining dark green with light blue? 😀
Next up, Fully Booked is giving away 5 copies of Kiera Cass Selection Coloring Books! 🙂

Kiera Cass Coloring Books
Aside from sketches of the characters, these coloring books have pages full of typography too! 😀
Ecoline Brush Pens
Fully Booked is also giving away 2 sets of Ecoline Brush Pens!  Remember the Ecoline Watercolor translucent inks in bottles?
Ecoline Brush Pens Green
Think about those in brush format. 😀 Each set comes in fuchsia, yellow, yellow green, cyan & black! 😀
It’s also available in all Fully Booked Branches!  For more updates, follow Fully Booked on
Instagram: @_FullyBooked, Facebook: Facebok.com/FullyBooked & Twitter: @_FullyBooked 😀
Hey Kessy Glow in the Dark Powder GGY 0995
And, to add more excitement to the art materials, Hey Kessy–the online art supply & craft store is also throwing in Glow in the Dark powder which you could mix with your paint! I swear, last night, I was wondering what was glowing in our living room.  Then, I realized it’s this powder.  Just imagine creating stars and planets and pasting it on your ceiling.  The possibilities are endless 😀
Hey Kessy Sticker Watercolor Paper
Hey Kessy is also giving away I’d rather be crafting stickers and watercolor paper! 😀 Now your stash is almost complete.
But wait, there’s more. Haha!  Hey Kessy will also be putting in an art material pouch where you can store all your brushes, pens and crafting tools!
Discover what other crafting tools Hey Kessy has on their online shop, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook pages! 😀
Hey Kessy Art Material Pouch

Thank you for celebrating our 8th birthday with us! 😀
The blog giveaway will end on June 29 and we will be announcing the winners on this same post on June 30 😀
‘Til the next one! 😀


The Googly Family <3

Update as of June 30:
Hello Guys! 🙂 Here are the blog giveaway winners!
Thank you so so much for joining. Please know that we always try to collaborate with as much partners so we can give you more prizes!
*Ahhhh…No bitter comments please.* I’m just also really personally happy that the blog giveaway has become a tradition ever since we held it on our Tumblr page then. 🙂
Here’s also a mini throwback to our first few giveaways when we built our website. 😀
Well, here it is. To those who won, please feel free to e-mail us via ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com your full name, address & contact details. If we don’t hear from you within a week, we will have to pick new winners. 😉

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Here goes:

Skip Hop Items from Mothercare
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Check out Mothercare Philippines branches here.
Skip Hop Diaper Bag: Therese Gaerlan
Skip Hop Butterfly Mini Backpack with Rein: Sana Arshian
Skip Hop Raccoon Lunchie: Rhoann Gutierrez Olopernes
Skip Hop Projection Bear: Dianne Mae Buenaventura

Toys from Richwell Club Philippines
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Check out all the major toy stores, department stores in the Philippines. 🙂
Barbie Dreamtopia: Gel Sarmiento
Shopkins Cotton Candy Play Set: Elaine España
Hot Wheels: Michelle Ricafort Bornales
Little Gadget Letter Learner: Quirky Yayi
Fisher Price Telephone: Bianca Torres Tan
Mega Bloks First Builder: Ten Delos Angeles Dugenia

Money Grows on Trees by Lifestyle Upgrade
Where to buy if I didn’t win? You may get copies of this book & their other title in National Bookstore & Fully Booked. You may also order your copy online at the LifeUp101.com website.
Mark (markkkyalczr)
Fayne Isberto
Ma. Charlie Joson
Mia Leonor Perez
Kris Tin Na

Hand Lettering A to Z
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Locally, this book is exclusively available in National Bookstore.  You may also order it online from Amazon.com.
Patrice Alcoreza

Summit Books
Where to buy if I didn’t win? We’re so grateful to have contributed to books by Summit such as the ABCs of Hand Lettering, ABCs of Journaling, Letters to My Children, Stick ‘Em Up Book, 1001 Awesome Stickers and the ABC Magazine.  These are all available in major bookstores, stationeries, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. 🙂 Just look for the Summit stand!

Stick ‘Em Up Book Winners
Mundee Castillo
Mary Abigail Go
Catherine Ilao
Rhoann Gutierrez Olopernes
Wendy Rose Santillan

Letters to My Children Winners
Primrose Jungco
Sam Amos Dorol
Jham Lavine
Joyce Alyzza
Vix Parungao

Tiny Buds Gift Packs
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Tiny Buds products are available in the baby section of selected supermarkets as well as department stores in malls. You may also order their products from Lazada or their website tinybudsbaby.com.
Eunice Saprid Orozco
Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy
Avegay Remz

Prizes from Fully Booked
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Check out the nearest Fully Booked branch near you on their website.

Ecoline Brush Pen Winners
Ira Dacanay
Oscar Mandac Jr.
Stephanie Noling

Coloring Books
Emilie Udasco
Quelle Alonzo Vergara
Eryn Denice
Mary Grace R. Santor
Tiffany Daniela S. Quintos

Prizes from Faber-Castell
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Faber-Castell products are available in major bookstores and online shops.  You may also order directly from the online shop: manilaatelier.com.

Faber-Castell Brush Pens
Morevel Magallanes
Leah Opinaldo- Cantos
Yuanne Milan

Faber-Castell Watercolor Set
Angge Eugenio
Samantha Mendoza
Emily Raine Mariazeta

Hey Kessy Kits
Where to buy if I didn’t win? Hey Kessy products are available in their UP Town Center & Alabang Town Center branches. You may also order online via heykessy.com.
Kathrina De Castro
Andrew Mendoza
JanaRaf Eusebio

Again, thank you so much! 🙂
‘Til the next giveaway!

To those who have been asking, see you at our workshops:
July 23 – Watercolor Doodles in Art Bar BGC, 1-5pm
August 13 – Digitizing Workshop, Fully Booked BGC, 1-5pm
Sign up on bit.ly/GGworkshops

Just in case you’d like to jumpstart your next project, here are some resources:
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The Googly Family 🙂




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