A Colorful Year in Review

So, I was going through my Instagram feed the other day & I was wondering why everyone was so into this app & this is what happened…

Googly Gooeys Flipagram Bandwagon

I’ve been looking for an app where I can load all my photos at the same time for months now but I didn’t know what it was. So here I was partly curious & partly having mixed feelings for the app & look who ate her words later?? 😛 After watching n versions of Flipagram & MomentStagram, I finally found myself downloading & eventually purchasing Flipagram. *Boingk*

Here’s what I came up with & I’ve told my friends about this so many times. I don’t think this is the last time I’ll be using the app (and by stating so, I hope I didn’t jinx my future plans & projects!)

Here’s our colorful year in review.  Please be warned that I’m such a sucker for instrumentals.  The music is a mashup of One Republic’s Secrets & Beethoven’s 5 by the awesome Piano guys 😉

From this side of the world, in less than 10 hours, it will already be 2014!  I can’t actually believe it’s 2014.  I believe I’m still not used to typing 2013 (or I still haven’t accepted that I’m getting older every year)!  Anyway, thank you so much for another colorful & busy year.  First off, we started with a Happy Things Blog Giveaway last year. It was our first ever giveaway on Googly Gooeys 2.0 and we didn’t know where we were headed but we knew it was fun and you guys always had fun whenever we had giveaways. Then, we had the explosive Minion Cupcake Giveaway. Everyone was into minions then *Pa poy!* and personally, I would listen to the banana song whenever I’m feeling low. Haha. We never thought we’d still be able to top that giveaway until we had the latest one, the Christmas Blog Giveaway which is still ongoing 🙂

Speaking of explosive, we also still can’t believe that the Croissant-Doughnut post toured blogs in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy & Denmark to name a few.  This year was also filled with surprises such as during the time when we got an e-mail that we were guesting on ANC Shoptalk and Kris TV!  Those moments were so surreal that it still feels like a dream today.  Magazine & bookwise, we would like to thank Uppercase Magazine in Canada for featuring our office supply alphabet work & Open Roads 2 by the Learning Factory in Brazil–as one of the Googly Gooeys will be making an appearance there. We will be sharing these with you very soon! 🙂

We also did our first ever exhibit as the Googly Gooeys at the MT Spaces Exhibit at my favorite furniture store, Heima ❤ As well as our first appearance on a local newspaper with the Inquirer Super Feature & our first appearance on a local magazine with the 2go Travel feature 🙂  We’re also very grateful to have had the opportunity to share our thoughts on blogging at the Blogopolis 2013 and the Skin White Captivate Council. Thanks as well to 2Go Travel for letting us experience Boracay via sea and letting us come up with our longest animated video yet! 🙂 Finally, thank you to Air Asia for letting us reach out to our fellow Filipinos in the island of Iloilo who have been affected by the Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan.

Thank you to all the bloggers, artists & collaborators we’ve met & worked with this year.  Thank you as well to our very encouraging design clients who kept cheering us on from start to finish! 🙂  Finally, thank you to YOU, our readers.  Without you guys, we wouldn’t have made it to Spot.ph’s 15 Blogs Worth Following, the list of Tatt Awards 2013 Instagram Phenom of the Year Nominees, as a finalist Web Meister (Award for Best Blog Design) at the Nuffie Awards & & The Daily Mail, UK. ❤  So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

As we always say, we don’t know where we’re going and each year is definitely a surprise.  The only thing that makes sense every time is that we’re enjoying what we’re doing. So, thank you for always making it a more meaningful one! Here’s to a bright year ahead and another year of following one’s passions! ❤ (And yeah, don’t forget to start or end your year with the Flipagram thingy. Haha!)

Officially sounding like a Flipagram ad & owning up to the overuse of hearts ❤❤❤ on this blog post,

Tipsy & Ponggo ❤

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Ariane Reyes
Ariane Reyes
10 years ago

Wow amazing giveaway! Happy new year 🙂

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