Fact of the Day #82: Bubble wraps are therapeutic.

When I saw a pack of bubble wraps being sold at this bookstore, I actually bought it.  Nope, I didn’t need to pack anything.  I just wanted the bubble wraps all to myself!  I still remember playing with these fun wrappers every time my relatives had to ship something out abroad.  They’re often almost ready to close the box and the bubble wrap is nowhere to be found.  Then, they’ll see me sitting in a corner, busy trying to figure out how I could pop more bubbles in less time! Hihi.

Fact of the Day 82: Bubble wraps are therapeutic

Bubble wraps are therapeutic.  But, what makes them so? Is it the popping sound?  What kind of fulfillment are we actually getting from it? Hehe.  Or, are we all, deep inside, in dire need of anger management?  Perhaps bubble wraps provide that kind of outlet the same way games & apps do except for the fact that nobody’s counting, nobody’s winning & that bubble wraps are disposable, no?
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