End of the World: The Cycle of Predictions

Googly Gooeys The Cycle of End of the World Predictions 1) Someone announces the end of the world "The end is near!" 2) People debate about it "You don't believe me?" "Well, if ever it's true, just know that I've forgiven you for stealing my cookies" 3) It starts sounding true as the date approaches "Have I eaten all the chocolates I want before the world ends?" "Won't you die from a sore throat instead?" 4) Theories arise & people prepare for the the worst alien invasion, collision of planets, it will rain whipped cream & candies & we will all die! 5) The world doesn't end "Sorry, we miscalculated the date...again"

I don’t know how many times we will be hearing about end of the world announcements only to live the tale until the next…umm…doomsday revelation.

The First time I heard about the concept of apocalypse was back when I was seven or eight when I was still learning about the planets in school.  There were rumors about certain celestial bodies that might possibly collide.  However, our teacher told us not to worry about it since back in the ‘70’s they were also told the same thing and nothing happened.

Last year, news broke out about a certain sect preparing for the end of the world and I was itching to come up with a this doomsday cycle cartoon but put it off for a while and toignk, by the time I was in the mood to come up with the cartoon, months have already passed.  But lo and behold, here’s another end of the world announcement!   I don’t know how many times we will have to go through this cycle.  Why don’t we just predict our own deaths or live our lives to the fullest as much as we could instead?

P.S.  I don’t really know what is it with me & plotting out cycles:
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