7 Misconceptions About Our Feed

1. When we do crafts, we get it right the first time. – Not at all. First, we brainstorm on ideas and we think about how to give a project a twist based on what we have, we come up with a mock-up, adjust it several times and build a totally new one from scratch so we can capture the process.
2. We have a clean workspace. – 😂😂😂😂 As a good friend from high school would say “ipakita mo naman yung kalat mo Tippy”. Just imagine having to cut anywhere from 200-800 sheets of paper more than 8 hours a day for several days. It has come to a point that we only clean up at the end of the day or when we can no longer bear the sight of our workspace.
7 Misconceptions About Our Feed 2
3. You always craft with Riley. – Save for a few costumes, I think we spend more time going through books and Google in search for answers of whatever questions we may have.
4. You’re so productive! – If you’re thinking only one person is managing this account, that is untrue. Each post takes 2-4 people (plus Riley if he is in the photo). Ola Daddy Pong, Tita Anne, Tita Franz & Tita Dana. Each post goes through: conceptualization, graphics, shooting, editing, writing, uploading. I mean, how else would we have time to create and share what we have done?
5. It seems so easy for you. – As figure skaters and ballet dancers would say, “We make it look easy”. Oftentimes, new working students and part-time workers who join our workshop team are shocked how much work there is behind the scenes 😂 Early call times during events, supplies that cannot be sourced but must be sourced in a very short amount of time, editing near posting time and more.
7 Misconceptions About Our Feed 3

 6. You’re so organized! – Sure, we may now have charts for almost everything thanks to the pandemic but just imagine, if we go in and out of a project, there are always packs of supplies, products and materials that just arrived and those that are waiting to be dispatched and delivered. It’s an endless cycle 😂.
7. You must have been teaching Riley so much. – A lot of the things he knows especially if it’s about science or social studies usually comes from his questions from our conversations or visuals plastered on the wall or stuff he randomly associates with anything e.g. dinosaurs >> asteroids >> outer space >> planets >> earth >> pangaea >> tectonic plates >> volcanoes >> earthquakes (erfkwik 😂) >> land formations (caves, mountains, hills, archipelago, provinces of the Philippines) and the list goes on. 😂😂 We give him the liberty to search Google by asking questions (by voice and by typing) so he learns how to spell, pronounce and construct sentences properly.
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