You Know You’re a Bad Cook When… & The DLSU-CSB Simplexity Exhibit

Googly Gooeys You Know You're a Bad Cook When... When you volunteer to cook... "May I cook for you today?" "Umm...Why don't we eat out? I'll treat ya!" Division of tasks at the kitchen: "I'll cook. Why don't you start microwaving the rest of the stuff?" "Oh okay." When you volunteer to cook...again... "Should I start cooking our dinner?" "Are you threatening me? Why do you have to rob me of my happiness and my right to good, edible food?" The bad cook's brutally honest food review: "Eww...The food here is really bad. It tastes like something I cooked!" "That's good! Knowing is half the battle!"

I’m a bad cook. I really am.  I mostly  microwave stuff.  Ponggo refuses to use the microwave.  He loves his food cooked just the real way.  He doesn’t care if it takes his beef curry 5 hours to cook or how much of a hassle it is to reheat his siopao by steaming it.  On the other hand, I’m fine with instant noodles, crackers, chocolates, chips & drive-thru’s.  I think I won’t survive a war.  Oh wait, I actually might since I’m contented with so-so tasting food or I can just hoard stuff from the chocolate section if there is news about a looming apocalypse.  (Wait, did you know that M&M’s was invented during the World War? They wanted to to prevent chocolates from melting so they coated it with sugar! *That’s me effortlessly veering from the topic as usual.*)

Ponggo is so specific with the taste of food he eventually learned to cook his own.  My friends & family can actually attest to his good cooking skills.  At home, he does the cooking while I umm..wash the dishes. 😛  He has n types of soy sauce, chili and oil depending on the type of the food he cooks and if there’s ever something I bought to spice up my dish, that would be ketchup and salt. (Sounds gourmet! *sarcastic*)

I thought I was expert at microwaving stuff but recently, I burnt some microwave pop corn and today, when I volunteered to cook tapa–marinated beef from this side of the world.  He responded with “Are you threatening me?”

Googly Gooeys You Know You're a Bad Cook When (FB status)

Well, that Facebook status is a lie.  He doesn’t just cook it better than me.  I semi-burnt the tapa before in the hopes of caramelizing the edges.  Once I also accidentally burnt some cheese dog.  Judging by how people at hotdog stands make it easy, I really thought that no one can cook cheese dog the wrong way but alas, there I was, sitting in the corner and consuming my crisp, dark brown & super hot on the outside and still a bit cold on the inside cheese dog.

Googly Gooeys You Know You're a Bad Cook When (Twitter status)

My brief food review under 140 characters on Twitter

Lastly, several days ago, I was complaining to Ponggo about how bad the Mac & Cheese was at this certain resto.  First of all, the dish was bland overall and the choice of cheese was really uggghhhh.  I rarely complain about my food and if I do, then it must be really bad. (For the record though, you can rely on my personal dessert & chocolate reviews.  However, be warned about my bias towards dark chocolate and chocolates in general. Hehe.)

To sum it up, you know you’re a bad cook when people would go to great lengths just to avoid your cooking. 😉

Hugs, Kisses & XO Sauce,

Tipsy ❤

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section DLSU-CSB Simplexity Exhibit





As I’ve mentioned in this post, I’ll be sharing with you some photos from the Simplexity Exhibit. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ve probably come across our announcements about the art exhibit the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde Multimedia exhibit.

We got the chance to drop by the exhibit on its second day.  The proof is in the pudding  picture 🙂

Let me start off this post by sharing with you one of our favorite works by Risa Rodil entitled Book-wormed.   It must be the choice of colors, it must be the subject, the illustration style or the flow of the objects in the illustration, but overall, Ponggo & I were attracted to this piece ❤

Risa Rodil at the Simplexity Exhibit

Simplexity Signage

True to their exhibit title, the signage is also a dichotomy of simple and complex! 🙂

Simplexity String Wall

Their panels were actually made of lots of strings.  This is definitely a testament to how passionate the students are about their project.  It takes a lot of hard work (and love! ❤) to finish this.

Calling Card of Jessica Martinez at the Simplexity Exhibit

Each set of exhibit piece had a calling card slot on its upper right.  What I really admire about College of Saint Benilde (CSB) students & graduates alike is that they are taught how to market their work and maximize networking opportunities.  It is one thing to make art and hone one’s skills but being able to showcase your work online and offline and booking projects is another business altogether.

Kaye Raymundo's Artworks

Above are some artworks by the group’s mommy Kaye Raymundo.  I’m enjoying the play she did with surrealism, geometric shapes and colors. The piece entitled Disorder on the lower right reminds me of my attempt at abstract art but alas, I can only do colorful rectangles.  Hihi.

Mass State of Mind by Vincent Cabrera at the Simplexity Exhibit

This is an artwork by Vincent Cabrera reminds me of my love for for infographics.  It’s one of favorite sections when I flip through Time &/or Discovery Channel Magazine.

Simplexity Exhibit Artwork by Simon Lopez Dee

Finally, here’s an artwork by Simon Lopez Dee.  While most artists would stick to monochrome when coloring in drawings, Simon took it further by playing with hues and still managing to kep the subject and horizon intact 🙂 How clever! 🙂

I always look forward to seeing works of young artists (Wahh..I’m old!) because I know I’ll be seeing lots of fresh ideas, new perspectives and the bold evolution of current styles.   If you missed the Simplexity Exhibit, fret not, you may check out the rest of the  pictures here.

Don’t forget to check out the works of Simplexity Artists here:

Simplexity Artists
Joseph Peraldo
Kaye Raymundo
Risa Rodil
Simon Lopez Dee
Jessica Martinez
Louielyn Mata
Vincent Cabrera
Anne Barnuevo
Pia Tomas
Raphaella Martelino
Pau Mancita
Raiza Pascual

Or get in touch with them! 🙂
JC Recinto
JP Mangonon
Charm Vergara
Reinier Villareal
John Jason Rodriguez


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