Stop Copying Me! Grrr….

Googly Gooeys Stop Copying Me "Your phones's almost out of battery. Charge it!" "Charge it!" "C'mon. Do it!" "No. You Do it" "Stop copying me." ; "Ha! You won't stop copying me? Try this; "I'm ugly" "You're ugly."

Stop copying me!

“Stop copying me”, Ponggo would tell me.  One of my hobbies / purposes in life is to annoy him. 😉  Ponggo loves using my phone for games and once he’s done & the battery’s mostly drained, he gives it back to me and asks me to charge it for him.  Instead of  getting irritated, I just end up copying whatever he says then he gets up doing what he was initially asking me to do 😉



P.S. The polka dotted notebook came from this adorable Instagram photo of @matchbookmag :)) Follow them on Instagram! 🙂

P.P.S. More expressions & phrases here 🙂
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