SM Stationery Art Fest

Went to the SM Stationery Art Fest last Wednesday and I must say it’s like a dream come true for my younger self.  When I was 6 years old, I would always spend time looking at stationery supplies before and after ballet & voice lessons. Haha.
10 Pentel Colored Pencils IMG_9195I remember in particular that aside from being an astronaut, I told myself that when I grow up & I finally have a job, I should be able to afford all the art materials that I want.  So, when I went to Mega Fashion hall, I was super happy!  SM has transformed it into a land of papers and art materials.
05 Markers IMG_9193Members of Doodle Art Enthusiasts were also there doing some live art which seroiusly made me want to draw on our wall.  Actually, I can’t wait for the day that I can buy Rye some art materials so we can doodle on our glass windows together. <3
Titus Doodles SM Stationery Art Fest

Titus Pens SM Stationery FairFaber-Castell & Pentel also has a coloring station.  Faber-Castell has colored pencils and the Pentel Station has poster paint & oil pastels for use! :)

06 Faber-Castell IMG_9236

One thing that I spent so much time on was the Pilot booth.  I’ve always wanted to buy a couple of Pilot Parallel Pens when I was in Singapore but we were busy so I wasn’t able to do so.  Pearl of Snapper Doodles & I explored the pens.  06 Pearl Choco (Collage)I ended up buying a couple of pens and packs of ink.  It’s been two days & I still can’t stop playing with them. Hehe.  This was how my calligraphy started when I was in grade school.  I would play with my dad’s cartridges and inks from his engineering work.

Pilot Parallel PensI swear, there was some INK abuse going on during the lower right. I just had to use all the colors.  Hehe. I was transitioning from one color to another without washing my nib to get the gradient effect. :)
07 Titus Doodle Pens IMG_9201

I found these jars of ballpens from Titus really cute. 🙂  I will never look at ballpens the same way ever again after looking at the output of the Titus iDoodle Challenge. 🙂

08 Faber-Castell IMG_9230 09 Geli June Ella Drea IMG_9234 Met up with Geli, June, Ella & Drea too! :) Come to think of it, I met most of them at events in 10a Alabama.

INKscribbler IfexThe iFex station is selling watercolor papers I use for the workshops: Canson & Arches. :) There will also be demos by Alexis Ventura and Abbey Sy, Vin Quilop & Lei Melendres.  Check out the full schedule here.


There will be more workshops by your favorite artists for a minimum purchase of Php 300.00.
13 Faber-Castell Colored Pencils IMG_9233Well, there really is no limit to what you can do!  Above is an artwork made with Faber-Castell Colored Pencils. 🙂

14 Paper Cutting IMG_9251 IMG_9250At the iFex Booth, Wednesday Sambile was also doing her paper cutting demo.  This is how you can take your lettering to the next level.

And oh, before I end this post, may I say this was Riley’s first ever art event?  Yes, we also bought him a headband since we were already in SM. 😀

Riley with Headband We will be back tomorrow, Saturday to check out the rest of the worskhops!  Hope to see you there! For more information, check out, the event page & the mechanics here.

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Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SMStationeryArtFest in all your posts! 🙂 Check back again next week for more photos! <3

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Update as of April 22:
I went back last Saturday to check out the SM Stationery Art Fest in Megamall 🙂 I was supposed to pretend as someone having her book signed by Abbey but I ended up getting photos for posterity because that’s what we do each time.  Haha.

Abbey Sy Lettering Work

We always joke that we’re each other’s interns.  Here, Abbey is signing the Lettering Progress Keeper by iFex.  iFex, is responsible for selling watercolor papers we love: Canson & Arches <3  The workshop participants this weekend at last week in Intramuros are lucky to be trying out Arches.
Abbey Sy Book SIgningNothing gets me giddy like paper (well, of course, aside from chocolates & colors…and oh Riley). Hahaha. Anyway, you get the point. 🙂 To describe Arches, well, it’s just the type of paper that “behaves”.  We used to joke that it’s the type that understands your needs.  It lets you blend paint just at the right time and it makes the colors pop.
INK Scribbler Artist Invite BackgroundAbove is a sample artwork by one of the INKscribbler artists. 🙂

20 Pentel IMG_9241

Checked out Pentel’s booth and the kids were busy painting murals.  Wish we had these when we were younger.  I’m pretty sure this will stay in their minds forever. 🙂 22 Pentel Poster Color IMG_9249Staring at the pastels brings me back to my grade school years. Oil pastels were our go-to medium in art class.   Well, a lot of things change but there’s one thing I still haven’t outgrown after all these years.  Buying art supplies and getting to try new things is always exciting for me.
SM Art FestKids these days are so lucky to have these events!  ‘Til the next SM Stationery Art Fest! 🙂


Tipsy <3

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