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Ponggo & I have been craving for a vacation for the longest time now.  For the past few months, we felt like we were always toiling the day (and night) away.  We’ve been dreaming & daydreaming about these travel destinations:

Air Asia Zest Dream Destinations Cute & Colorful Illustrations

Years ago, a friend of ours who really loves to travel shared with us Air Asia–newly rebranded as  Air Asia Zest. We are continuously wowed by their affordable rates!  Before, when we save up for our dream travels, we always feel a little guilty that we’ll be taking away a lot from our hard-earned money and that we might not be making the right choice.  It’s like all those hard work will disappear in just a few days.  But now with Air Asia Zest in mind, we no longer have to burden ourselves with that thought.  We’re actually so excited it’s easier for us to whip up a dream destination list:

      1. Incheon, South Korea – Only Ponggo has been to South Korea so far & I don’t know how many times he has mentioned to me that he wanted to bring me there the next time: winter sports—skiing, ice skating at the ground floor of Lotte mall  (because Ponggo always has a hard time plucking me out of the ice skating rink when I’m having too much fun making myself dizzy by spinning), beef-all-you can (Ooh…Galbi Gui, Kimchi…Hello! Hello! I can almost taste you!) and all the historical landmarks such as the Gyeongbok Palace. I’m already thinking about having an awesome photo walk if ever while treading the snowy white streets of South Korea—a different type of adventure!❤❤❤
        Gyeong Bok Incheon South Korea
        The majestic Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.

      Outdoor Ice Skating Rink South Korea

      A photo of the Outdoor Skating Rink in South Korea (taken by Ponggo) already makes you daydream about sharing the same ice with Yu-na Kim” , said the fan girl. 

      2. Puerto Princesa, Palawan – We’ve been to different mountain peaks in the Philippines and we’ve also visited some crater lakes but we’re not really proud to say that we still haven’t been to Palawan.  I don’t know anyone who has bad pictures from that place!  It’s practically nature in its untouched form.   Also, everyone has been raving about the trip to the underground river.  We’re really curious because we know it’ll be a different journey from the rest of the places we’ve gone to.



      The Putra Mosque in Malaysia at sunrise from our 2011 trip!

      3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia —  The last time we visited Kuala Lumpur, we really had so much fun with newfound blogger friends  but we feel that if we’re able to come back, we have lots more to explore!  Kuala Lumpur is a shopping haven with

      so many dream brands not available in the Philippines.  Also, we had a very limited time when we were at the Petronas Tower so we weren’t able to go visit its bridge.  That would have been an awesome view!  (Not that Petronas Towers already looks majestic enough at night!)  Plus, we would love to revisit Malaysia if only for Laksa & Char Kway Teow!

      Petronas Towers Malaysia

      The Petronas Towers at night by Ponggo.

      4. Shanghai, China – Ponggo & his family would always talk about the yummy Xiao long bao & other authentic dishes in China.  Yes, we do have lots of local Chinese restaurants but it’s still different when you get to taste the dish where it was invented!

      bund 1

      Apparently, Air Asia Zest offers an affordable way of traveling in the Philippines from Manila via NAIA Terminal 4 to our beautiful islands: Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Tagbilaran (Bohol) & Cagayan de Oro.  Also, they’re offering flights from Manila to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), Shanghai (China) & Incheon (South Korea)!  Ahh…so much good news.  Now, for more exciting updates, don’t forget to visit the Air Asia Zest Website  or click on the bright red logo below & book your flight today! 🙂
      Air Asia Zest Affordable Local & International Flights from Manila


      Don’t forget to visit the Air Asia Website,
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      Eleanor Patey
      Eleanor Patey
      10 years ago

      Cabot tower, st john’s Newfoundland. Not a major one, but to me it says home.

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