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We’ve been a bit pensive the past copule of days so let’s make it a bit light today, shall we? 🙂
Are you ready???
Last year, during our trip to Europe, we brought with us the Xiaomi Redmi Phone so we can all test it out for ya.   We were so curious at that time since this was the brand that people was going crazy for online!

Ponggo & Xiaomi RedMiBut this time, we’re giving away a fresh new unit of Xiaomi Redmi1s.  For those who are curious, here’s the lo down on the specs:

Xiaomi Redmi1s
Dual Sim
Quad-core Qualcomm MSM 8228 1.6GHz
4.7-inch IPS Retina Display
8MP BSI Camera
1.6MP Front Camera
1 GB Ram
2000/2050mAH (min/typ) High-Capacity Battery

Okay.  Wait.  Let me admit to you that I understood only a couple of lines that I wrote but Ponggo did.  At least I know how this actually translates to the real feel of the phone. Haha.

Xiaomi Bunny with Ponggo

Did you know that Xiaomi is also selling really awesome products that are not necessarily phones nor powerbanks?  They have clothes, shoes, pillows, back packs, water bottles and the like?  You may check out the list of Xiaomi products here.

The clay figures above were made by Al Estrella and since he’s so good at clay figures, I felt so pressured to create decent cap and pair of ears for Tipsy & Ponggo that pretty much fitted their bodies.

Tipsy Ponggo Googly Gooeys Clay FiguresJust to give you an idea, here’s how my workspace looked like when I was working.  It was funny because I was doing it at a cafe.  It was pretty tricky to chase the colors.  When you mix watercolor, you just stir them on your palette but with clay, I had to mash them until they blendedxj well.  I applied the same color mixing methods that is used in watercolor (e.g. add purple / brown to make a color desaturated).  It may look like I used ready-made colors but each one actually has 2-3 colors in them.  By the way, those are my thighs…That’s where I store my fats and they keep me warm.  Thank you Abbey for the photo.

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Xiaomi Redmi 1s Giveaway

So, yup, aside from the phone, we’re giving away 2 plushies! Wait, where’s the visual? Oh. here’s the family picture. 😉
Xiaomi Plushies Googly Gooeys

Thank you to Xiaomi Philippines for being so thoughtful to have sent over matchy matchy red & blue shades to complement the colors of Tipsy & Ponggo. Wait.  I think we need a retake.  Here’s the other family photo.  Now they look related…sort of 😉
Xiaomi Family Photo Half Opened Eyes IMG_2446
Well, what are you waiting for?
Hit the buttons below to join and don’t forget to tell us which prize you’d like to win & why. And oh, don’t forget to visit the Mi Philippines website to learn more about Xiaomi products.  *So sorry but Tipsy, Ponggo, those books and that origami jar are not part of the prizes.* 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Don’t forget that you can also join the promo through Instagram.  The mechanics are as follows:
1. Follow @MiPhilippines & @GooglyGooeys on Instagram.
2. Repost the Xiaomi photo on our Instagram gallery or any from this blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends.
4. Use the hashtag #MiXGooglyGiveaway so we can track all your posts.

Good luck guys! Promo ends on June 5! 🙂

P.P.S. We’ve posted a new workshop sched here. 😉 The three other schedules are technically full but we’re waiting for participants to fully reserve their slots so you may still opt to sign up for the waitlist.

Update as of June 7, 2015

P.P.P.S. Thank you so so much for joining the promo! It has been an exciting one & it was lovely to be see all your entries & answers here & on Instagram.  Congratulations to all the winners.  🙂

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Xiaomi Phone: Yan Birog
Xiaomi Red Plushie: Judy G
Xiaomi Blue Plushie: Nelman Manalo

The winners should send their mobile number & complete mailing address to ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com within the week or we will choose a new set of winners. 😛

‘Til the next giveaway! 🙂  We can’t wait to reveal more projects & collabs with you as the rest of the year unfolds.   Meanwhile, are we going to see you on July 4? 🙂 Click here to read more.   Also, to those residing in Singapore, see ya soon! We will be there in August for a couple of workshops.  To sign up, click here. If you have friends in that sunny country, hope you can help spread the word! We would love to meet them there! 🙂

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