We Are Young Lyrics Illustrated by the Googly Gooeys Give me a second I I need to get my story straight my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state my lover she is waiting for me just across the bar my seat's been taken by some sunglasses askin' 'bout a scar and I know I gave it to you months ago I know you're trying to forget but between the drinks & subtle thinks the holes in my apologies you know I'm trying hard to take it back so if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home, tonight. (Are you sure?)

New Lyrics: We Are Young by Fun

When I read the We Are Young lyrics, I knew instantly that this is something we can add to the list of songs we’ve illustrated.  For one, it’s …umm…FUN (Yikes! Pardon the pun).  And by the way, bonus points if you were able to spot the following:

1. friends who are higher than the Empire State Building — by the way, as a side note, I always thought that the Chrysler building which I always associated with King Kong was the Empire State building until I finally got to the top of the Empire State building and found myself staring at the Chrysler building. (How smart am I?)

2. that green subtle thing – Yes.  In my opinion, aliens are subtle.  If they weren’t we should have concrete evidence that they’re here(which I know is highly debatable;talk about area 51).

3. those tiny holes in Ponggo’s apologies 😉

The last frame is inspired by (?) that time when Ponggo & I were joking that he should carry me on our wedding day.  So I jumped and we both fell. Ho ho ho.

So, what song do you think we should illustrate next ? 🙂
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