This is one rare weekend where I don’t actually have an event or deadly deadline so I checked out the Ultimate Art Jam at SM Fairview this afternoon. 🙂  01 Faber-Castell Colored Pencils IMG_9924

Also, I saw the lineup & I really wanted to see the JC Vargas create a watercolor piece.  I would only see his works online.  He was part of the and recently, he was a part of the Dirty Watercolor Art Show.  He did not disappoint.  Actually, I’m really amused how people’s brains are wired for them to reinterpret & recolor a scene into a seamless watercolor work.
JC Vargas Watercolor

I walked around as there were simultaneous demo’s.  Since I always have to draw & color almost on a daily basis, it’s refreshing to see others at work as well.

Lily Collins Sketch Faber-Castell Color Pencils

When I was younger I really thought that my personal end goal was to be able to draw realistic scenes and portraits but I noticed that the more that I attempt to do so, the more I end up doing abstract work. Haha.  So, it really amazed how Louisse Lozano was able to handle so much detail.  For one, I cannot do a proper gradient with colored pencils. Hehehehe.
06 Sketching IMG_9973

Demos aside, everyone who came and purchased at least Php 100 worth of Dong-A Philippines or Faber-Castell products were also entitled to participate and winners were picked from time to time.

Faber-Castell Classic Color Pencils IMG_9980

Dong-A PhilippinesI personally wanted to chat with this lady because we both love solid colors.  But of course, I behaved & I didn’t because I didn’t want to freak her out. Haha.
Dong A PhilippinesSpeaking of, Dong-A also offered adult coloring with their Twin Marker.  Now come to think of it, whoever invented the term adult coloring may have underestimated the skills of a kid just like in the photo above. Hmmm… 😀
Dong-A PastelsAn impressionist Dong-A Oil Pastel Demo reminiscent of Van Gogh’s impressionist style was also done by Aaron Manaloto.  I grew up with oil pastels in school since it was our primary medium in our art class but I haven’t seen it used this way. 🙂
Dong-A Oil PastelsSo, an hour into the afternoon, I finally mustered how not to look bewildered and gaping with awe as I hop around & track the progress of each artwork. Hehehehe.

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11 Faber-Castell Realistic Portraits IMG_9944

Above is Jake Javier’s demo with Castell 9000 pencils in varying degrees of hardness.  I personally use 6H because it’s light enough for my linework on watercolor paper. :)09 Faber-Castell 9000 Pencils IMG_9933I also came across this young lady who did a portrait and the hairlines just made me go :O :O :O :O.
07b JC Vargas Painting Flowers IMG_9968I finally went back to check on the final output of JC Vargas using Faber-Castell connector paints.  I took photos & didn’t muster the courage to introduce myself as usual as with any other art event that I’m able to go to in the past 7 years of blogging. Haha. 😀
Faber-Castell Watercolor PaintsWell, that’s it for now & if you’d like to be wowed like I did, you may catch Faber-Castell & Dong-A Philippines at the SM Fairview Event Center (just right across the SM Hypermarket & a couple of escalators). 😀 They will be there from 10am-5pm!
Faber-Castell SM Fairview

Ultimate Art Jam PosterXOXO,

Tippy 🙂

P.S. More live updates on@googlygooeys on Twitter and Snapchat: GooglyGooeys (and it will only be there for 24 hours…because…Snapchat) &  🙂

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