Tricky Sticky Posts: Twitter Versus Real Life

Tricky Sticky Posts: Twitter vs. Real Life Googly GooeysI wish I could find that word but I can’t seem to do so on Google *which is impossible, I know*.  They say that the etymology of the word ‘truth’ had something to do with concealing something.  Just imagine how much stuff is concealed each time something is revealed through a Tweet, a Facebook status update, an Instagram photo & what-not 😉  It would probably be funny to be able to reveal how messy a house is after preparing a my uber-neat-favorite-corner-of-the house post.   I hope that today’s entry won’t transform you into some semi-cynical online stalker thinking about different Twitter vs. Real Life scenarios 😉

P.S. I’ll keep it short & sweet for today.  It’s our 11th bf-gf-versary (if there’s even such a thing) not to mention, there’s a pile of work waiting for me! 😛  Yup, he chose the 4th of July so that he won’t forget–hopefully,that is 😀

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