I’ve been doodling since I was a kid.  I remember that by the time I got to college, this was my past time.  I would doodle summaries of the sections I was reading for a Philosophy class.  I’d doodle in class instead of taking down notes to entertain myself.  But, the Titus Pens iDoodle Challenge was doodling on a different level!

Titus iDoodle Pilipinas

Yep, I had to look twice.  They didn’t seem like your usual doodles at all. I’m currently gaping in awe.  The Titus Pens iDoodle Challenge was held in the Mall of Asia last Friday, December 18 which had 75 artists from allover the country for the grand battle of the champions.  Titus Portrait with Doodles

*It’s actually so hard to finish this blog post without staring at gaping in awe. :O*

The first ever Titus Pens iDoodle Competition was held in 2013 in Marikina initially with 300 participants.  The next year, it was held in Baguio, Cebu, Dagupan, Iloilo & Manila with a total of 2,100 participants.  This year, Titus Pens iDoodle Competition actually had competitions in 15 different regional events before the championship.

Titus iDoodle Challange

I swear, I’ll never look at a ballpen the same way again!  I would always think “but it’s just a ballpen”.  Then, I realized that it’s actually a matter of perspective.  :O  You may treat it as a writing tool or you can also apply the different elements of design such as line color & value and you’re good to go!

Titus iDoodle Philippine Sun

Before I hold watercolor workshops, I always introduce myself as someone who loves to hop from one medium to another: I love watercolor, digital design, acrylic and photography.  I noticed though that each medium tends to teach me about the potential and limitations of the other.  I guess, this is how it also works with pens.

You can do your highlights and shadows with one color (such as in the drawing above) or consider the darker colors (such as purple and blue) your shadows and the lighter colors (like yellow & orange) as your highlights and ultimately leave some white space if you want to highlight an area.

Titus iDoodle Competition MOA

The nice thing about the line up of Titus pens is that it goes beyond your usual line up of red, blue & black ballpens. They have 7 other colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, purple & brown to complete your stash! :)07 Outlining IMG_3182

Above: as with any other medium, black comes last and shading comes first. 🙂

Titus iDoodle Challenge

This year’s aim is to promote the Philippines with on-the-spot challenges.  Aside from the battle that day, Titus also invited 4 Marvel artists to make variant covers of the covers.  So, just imagine how happy the hubby was when he got to take home this Age of Ultron comic?  I wasn’t even allowed to touch it.  Nope, not when we shot this below–not with my hands messy with watercolor.

Titus Pens Marvel Artists

Inspired yet? 🙂 Before we end this post, I’d like to share with you some doodling tips from DoodleArtsMagazine.com.

1) Inspiration is the key when making a significant doodle
2) Draw according to your mood
3) Set a goal (and promise yourself that you will finish your doodle).
4) Know your distinctive style.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a Titus pen and start doodling!


Tipsy ♥

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Doodle Arts
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8 years ago

Wow. Just wow. ?

8 years ago

When I saw your posts on Instagram I was literally blown away! This is doodling on a different level! I used to doodle too on the back of my notebooks and on planners but I’ve never tried blending ballpens together. It looks magical!. ♥