The Vicious Cycle of Dieting

Googly Gooeys The Vicious Cycle of Dieting Stage 1: You decide to go on a diet for a big day 2. You eat less 3. You can finally wear that outfit 4. The event is over and you reward yourself with food 5. You gain some weight

The Vicious Cycle of Dieting

Have you ever been through this? Did you have to prepare for a big day such as a debut, a wedding, a special function or whatever else & you had to be your best self which meant that you had to shed a few pounds!  The bad thing about losing weight is when you succumb to desperate measures such as skipping meals.  I learned it the hard way.  Once, I dieted for my birthday & now I’ve been haunted by hyper-acidity for years now. *Doingk*  Late last year too, I lost weight because of so much pressure. Well, I wasn’t exactly reed thin (faaaaar from being reed thin) but I was happy with my new size I ended up buying lots of new dresses with a vintage cut. And since I got injured early this year and I’m unable to excercise & gained most of the weight back, now they’re hugging my waist so tight. *Ugh* So I swore to myself never to put myself again through this vicious cycle of dieting.  Someone guested on the Oprah Show once (I can’t remember his name) and he said, “Do it once and do it right!”


Tipsy ❤

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