The Thing With Holidays + Christmas Giveaway Bundles

Just in case I give birth in the coming days & you’re wondering how I was able to come up with a blog post, I’m writing this a day after Christmas.  We had to attend 4 parties in a span of 24 hours.  The next day, I wanted to do a quick workout in the morning, answer a few e-mails, do some pending work and clean up the house.  Well, guess what?  I ended up being sent to dreamland.   Technically speaking, I found myself still working in my dreams.  *Does that count?*

The Thing With HolidaysBut having been able to recover from the festivities (well, sans the pounds gained), yes, I kind of don’t regret not being able to do the chores (although the mess in the house makes me dizzy).  For once too, I’ve finally resigned to the fact that it’s okay to skip a workout.  I don’t think I want to be tired from working out before I give birth. Either that or I finally really find myself heavy at almost 40 weeks pregnant. :)


Tipsy ♥

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Meanwhile (2015)

Have you joined our blog giveaway yet? 🙂 We’re giving away the following prizes:
Christmas Giveaway Prize BundlesThis Christmas Giveaway is a collaboration with Abbey Sy who was my constant “officemate” this year.  By officemate, I mean that we’ve tackled so many deadlines  together and we’ve practically seen each other’s project come to life: from the first e-mail and raw idea to the final product!  So, to celebrate, we’ve pooled all the books and projects that we’ve been in! 🙂  If you’d like to win a phone, some watercolor sets, books, brush pens or even chocolates, then join here.

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