Tumblr Ask: How the Googly Gooeys Started

Tumblr Ask: thanx for the follow back =) i love googly gooeys! so i hav to ask, how did u come up with the idea? ^.^  »

Googly Gooeys: The short answer may be found on number 4 of the FAQs but I realized, I never really expounded it. Meanwhile, here’s the lengthy unsolicited version:


I was having a bad day…or rather a bad month. I had to part with my camera temporarily as it had to be repaired. There was still an itch to capture things & tell stories via pictures while it was away. On the other hand, I realized that I haven’t really drawn in a while. Then a really bad day came (April 26, 2009—the date on the first ever set of Googly Gooeys made published on a personal site in another network). I was so mad at our common friend (Yes, he knows about this and we would just laugh at it today). Of course there are times when I’m blinded by anger and just be consumed by it but that day, I just decided to draw so that I could forget about it. (At other times, I would sing or play the piano until my fingers are tired—or until I realize that I’ve been playing the same songs since I was in grade school or that I don’t really have a career in music. LOL)

*Yes, I always digress that’s why I can only come up with cartoons that way I can keep it short and concise..And yes, I will stop putting side comments. I will also stop carelessly typing away run-on sentences as I’m pretty sure the one who asked wasn’t really expecting a lengthy answer.*

Anyway, I initially wanted to draw monsters. I wanted to fill my screen with so much red & black. It was funny because I realized I love colors way too much, I can’t seem to work with only two. As I ended my first batch of drawings, I just had to admit that I can’t really draw a proper monster or produce some edgy spontaneous angsty piece. Somewhere along the way, drawing cartoons became my outlet: Each time I’m stressed or sad, I would just draw because it calms me. By the time I’m done drawing, my brain’s just too tired to think of anything else. Moving forward, Ponggo named them The Googly Gooeys. He came up with the idea of “Fact of the Day”. He would complete the stories I can’t complete and he would critique & tweak the stuff I’ve done. He also sets the direction as to where we want to go with these cartoons. And of course, his toothy grin & personality is the inspiration for the Ponggo character. 🙂


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