Tatt Awards Night 2013 Photos!

Tipsy the Yellow Party Pinata & Confetti As promised, here are the Tatt Awards 2013 photos!   While reviewing all our files, I realized how quickly everything went last night with Ponggo & I clicking the night away.  I was trying to catch up with the list of winners while Ponggo was busy capturing most of what happened last night.  During times like these, I’m just grateful that moments can be frozen in photos.  What’s most fun about the Tatt Awards 2013 aside from meeting friends in the blogosphere is seeing those whom you voted for go up the stage.  It makes you happy to see them there.  Fellow Instagrammer & category winner @PatrickDee also wrote on this Instagram account that he is sharing the award with fellow nominees ❤  We were also seated beside the people in the same category which is good because it fosters collaboration instead of merely a competition which is what the www is all about! 🙂

Tatt Awards Night Flag

The Tatt Awards was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula.  As soon as we arrived, it felt like somewhere between prom  / grade ball night because I was there with Ponggo & attending a friend’s wedding because one of our friends got married in the same ballroom!

Tatt Awards 2013 Winners


THE END: Oops. I fast-forwarded too much!  Obviously, I won’t be telling the story in sequence. Hehe 😀
Globe Tatt Awards 2013 Liz Uy & Georgina Wilson


Globe Tattoo Endorsers Liz Uy & Georgina Wilson were also there to present the awards for Instagram Phenom of the Year & Youtube Phenom of the Year Categories respectively!  Wish I also had the skill to smile & still have perfect hair while speaking instead of ending up seeing photos of myself with half-opened eyes & caught saying any word with an awkward O.  Meanwhile, we had enough time to bond with fellow bloggers before the program started.
Tatt Awards 2013 Tippy Go, Jackie Go, Jenni Epperson & Aryanna Epperson

Joining me are gorgeous ladies Jackie Go (gojackiego.com), Best Style Blog finalist & Jenni Epperson (jenniepperson.com) with pretty daughter Aryanna Epperson. [P.S. Thank you Jackie for allowing me to hide behind you. Hahaha.]

Tatt Awards 2013 Yen Dreyfus & Chuckie Dreyfus

Then there’s Chuckie Dreyfus (chuckdreyfus.com) with wifey Yen Dreyfus (thetummytraveler.com) looking like they’re on a first date or something. Hehe.

Tatt Awards 2013 Dong Ronquillo & Maria Ressa

Tatt Awards is the brain child of Dong Ronquillo (@fiercedong) and it’s awesome how #TattAwards2013 trended during the entire voting period.  Maria Ressa, my favorite journalist & CEO of Rappler.com presented the award for Best Social Media Movement which went to Gawad Kalinga.

Tatt Awards 2013 Jim Paredes

 Jim Paredes (@jimparedes) gave a speech that night on the relevance of social media.  It’s amazing to see how he continues to influence the nation from the  “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo”  anthem back in the ’80’s to the Twittersphere.

Tatt Awards 2013 Hosts Bianca Gonzales & Atom Araullo (with watermark)

 Bianca Gonzales (@iamsuperbianca) & Atom Araullo @atomaraullo were the hosts for the night.

10 & 11 BJ Pascual & Saab Magalona

Making it Big Very Early in Life: BJ Pascual (in quintessentially quirky BJ Pascual hair) & Saab Magalona were also presenters that night.


Noelle de Guzman Anthony Go Jeff Lo Jinoe Gavan Toby's


Here, Ponggo is joined by Sports Blog / Microblog Finalists Noelle de Guzman (kikayrunner.com), Jeff Lo (pinoyfitness.com) & Jinoe Gavan (Takbo.PH)


Abe Olandres Jinoe Gavan David Guison Joey Mead King Tatt Awards 2013


It’s so cool to see mentors & experts in their field pass on the spotlight of a trophy to the winners.  Above left: Abe Olandres of Yugatech.com awarding Jinoe Gavan of Takbo.ph for Best Sports Blog / Microblog Category Above right: David Guison of DG MNL who won Best Style Blog joined by Joey Mead King 🙂
Jim Paredes & Abra

Abra was awarded Best Music on Youtube by none other than Jim Paredes.

17 Sebastian Castro (with watermark)

In between the awards ceremony, guests were entertained by Youtube Stars & Tatt Awards finalists Sebastian Castro & Abra. Tatt Awards 2013 Abra Peforming

Tatt Awards 2013 Stache Magazine Online

If there’s a single line-up in a category that I’m most impressed with, it’s Young Star’s Future Perfect Blog of the Year.  Ahhh.. I should’ve saved the list! I was rooting for Hannah (blog.hannah.ph) & Stache (stachemagazine.com).  All the candidates are young (umm..stating the obvious) & creative with a sophisticated taste!  The future of blogging looks bright (not to mention more challenging). Hahaha.

Tatt Awards 2013 Ernest Cu, Patrick Dee, Jamich, Kimpoy Feliciano


Above is Ernest Cu, CEO of Globe Telecomm joined by Instagram Phenom of the Year Patrick Dee (@patrickdee) & The Youtube Love Team Jamich who won YouTube Phenom of The Year as well as Kimpoy Feliciano who won Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year.Tatt Awards 2013 Carl Lozano, Ed Calaycay & Petim Maminta of Igers Manila


We were tablemates with the good guys (and girl) from IgersManila! 🙂 Above are fellow Instagram Phenom of the Year finalist Carl Lozano (@cclozano), Ed Calaycay (@edcalaycay) & Petim Maminta (@ipetim).   I really wish Petim & I had more time to bond! Tatt Awards 2013 Divine Lee David Guison Vince Golangco Tony Anh May Ilagan Above: Winners Divine Lee for Becky Nights that won Best Podcast,  David Guison for Best Style Blog, Vince Golangco, Tony Anh, May Ilagan & Angeline Rodriguez of WhenInManila.com that won Best Photo Blog or Micro Blog.

Tatt Awards 2013 Manila Pen Desserts

 Dessert + Confetti = ❤  I’m guessing that the people seated at this table were on a diet.  Hahahaha.

Tatt Awards Night Jino Gavan, Anthony Go, Kenn Penero, Dale Azcueta

 Above: Ponggo with Jinoe Gavan, Kenn Penero & Dale Azcueta 🙂

Noelle de Guzman Abe Olandres Anton Diaz Anthony Go Jinoe Gavan & Kai

Finally, we ended the night with a quick recap with Noelle de Guzman, Abe Olandres, Anton Diaz, Ponggo, Jinoe Gavan & his wife Que.

We went to Makati Shangri-la after that to join the rest of our friends to bid Conway’s a farewell.

All in all, it was a mini family reunion of sorts with an awesome show! ❤  So thanks again to all those who voted for us & nominated us! We wouldn’t have been able to witness the Tatt Awards 2013 if not for you guys! 🙂

See the list of Tatt Awards 2013 Winners here 🙂

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