Googly Gooeys Too Talkative for Your Own Good That Moment When... You Tell a Story, you have too many side comments and you eventually forget what you're supposed to say.

When you’re too talkative…

Too talkative for your own good? Have you ever tried talking about something, you have too many side comments & you eventually forget what you’re supposed to say?  😉 I hate it each time this happens.  I also get annoyed when I know that I know what I’m supposed to say but it’s just at the tip of my tongue!!  Then again, that’s because I have too many side comments. Why? Because I want to justify all my statements. Why? Because a counter-argument comes up in my mind & I just want to refute anyone who wants to interrupt me just so comment about what I said…then….then…I lose the topic I had in mind. *doingk*

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