If you’re a Filipino, then you probably know that when your friends (and most especially your relatives see you), they love stating the obvious:

“Oh my gosh, you’ve gained weight!”
“You’re so thin. Have you been eating?”

My favorite though is,

“Oh my gosh, you’re here.”

to which I’m so so so tempted to reply,
“Nope. I’m just a hologram.  See? There’s a button beside you & you can make me disappear!”

“No, I’m just a figment of your imagination.”
“This isn’t real.” (Yes, just like that line in Divergent. Hello Theo James!)

But of course, I just give them a sheepish smile and most of the replies are stuck inside my head.  But, if I’m not in a good mood, everyone someone comments about a supposed weight gain, I tell them about the true status of their weight too. Woops. *Shucks. Honesty will get me nowhere in this case.*

But if they’re kids, I can’t do anything about them.  They’re born without a filter.  Haha.


stating the obvious comics

Have you ever encountered any of these?  Which one’s your favorite & which one’s your pet peeve?


Tipsy <3

P.S. The Big Blog X Epilogues have been uploaded.  Watch me consume all of Ponggo’s camera batteries here thanks to endless retakes. Clearly, I’m not made for video blogging. Hehehe.

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