We were contacted by the Advertising Students of Central Philippine University to hold a workshop coupled with an outreach and I didn’t really know what I was in for.

I’ve been through so many of these outreach programs while growing up thanks to my schools and also volunteered for a few after graduation.  In all of the outreach programs I attended, my eyes were opened and I learned more about the people’s plight from every region or sector of our economy.  This time, I’m just really happy I got to bring Riley with me so he can interact with the kids too! 🙂

A bunch of thoughts visited me while I was there:

(1) I just realized I’m reaching half of the average lifespan of a human being this month (and I also have a child) so I should make wiser decisions! *Oh gosh!*

(2) The children from this village are those from families who have abandoned them due to different circumstances: death, poverty, illness et cetera.  I always remind myself to be grateful.  I thought I was.  Then I just recounted that included in the top thoughts bugging me are very menial next to not having a set of parents.  Upon realizing this, I wept when the children sang.

(3) I was trying to gather footage for the Iloilo vlog (which I realized is a very meditative process because you only get to observe instead of being part of the scene), then I saw someone react to receiving a copy of Letters to My Children.  Everyone was so grateful to have received the giveaway prizes from the workshop sponsors and it was refreshing to see.

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(4) I was debating with myself whether I should put up a new post for SOS Children’s Village or not or should I just add to my recent Iloilo blog post.   Then I realized, people are somehow able to find their way through our workshops via our blog.  Perhaps this can also be a venue for more people to learn more about them?

SOS Children’s Village hopes to give kids a childhood in a home with a mom assigned to each house.   The white rooftops you see at the end of the video is their village.  One mom is assigned to a maximum of eight kids.  Also, as a mom, you have to be there 24/7, you cannot marry nor have kids.  We were able to visit a couple of houses and I must say, this is a very ideal set-up for the kids.  I also found out that biological kids are not separated from different houses once they are under the care of SOS.   Watch the video below, our Youtube Channel or Facebook Page for more. 🙂

We are overwhelmed by the efforts of the SOS organization worldwide as well as the kids for sharing a day with us and showcasing their talents.  We are also grateful to all the workshop attendees, organizers & sponsors for putting this together for a fun & meaningful Sunday. 🙂

You may reach out to SOS Children’s village via the following:

International Website: Sos-childrensvillages.org
International Twitter Account: @SOS4children
International Instagram Page: @sos_childrens_villages

Local Website: SOSPhilippines.org
Local Facebook Page: Facebook.com/SOSCVPH/
Local Instagram Page:  @SOSPhilippines

SOS Children’s Village is located in the following areas in the Philippines:

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Banaybanay, Lipa City 4217
+63 (43) 756-1192

BATAAN Village
Golden Heights Subdivision
Mariveles, Bataan 2105

Brgy. Dagum,
Calbayog City 6710
+63 (55) 209-4214;
+63 (55) 533-8457

CEBU Village
Highway 11, Talamban
Cebu City 6000
+63 (32) 236 5581

DAVAO Village
SOS Drive, J.P. Laurel Ave.,
Davao City 8000
+63 (82) 226-3710

ILOILO Village
Rizal St., Poblacion Ilaya, Zarraga, Iloilo 5004
+63 (33) 333-0318

MANILA Village
Mindanao Drive, Ayala Alabang Village
Muntinlupa City 1780
+63 (02) 807-6541

Brgy. Tigbao,
Tacloban City 6500

P.S. Many thanks to the following Central Philippine University Students for organizing the workshop & outreach program! 🙂
Marion Mae U. Querubin
Hermalyn Faith Callado
Marylle Ferraris
Carmelli Pandan
Roxie Abagatnan
Jether Guadalupe
Emee Asuncion
Emmanuel Martirez
Klyde Parreñas
Jeric Parcon

Thanks to our workshop attendees & sponsors too! 🙂

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