Signs That You Are Distracted

Signs That Your'e DistractedI must admit, it could really get overwhelming most of the time.  I mean, how many social networking sites do I really need?  I’m happy they’re interconnected but sometimes, I also have to open the ones I rarely use just because someone sends me a message via that app.  Then, there are notifications coming in from my work & personal e-mails.  Also, while I’m trying to Tweet, I cannot just miss the stream of Tweets with a 50% chance of clicking that delicious Thought Catalog headline!  *I swear, I need to take writing classes from them!*

Every time I see a notification, I’m almost always tempted to attend to it to the point that recently, when I’m trying to finish a project, I always try to stay away from my phone or if I want to make myself read books instead, I turn off my wi-fi.  Now, I understand why some people actually temporarily delete their Facebook account while they’re trying to finish something.  I also finally understand why I’m so attracted to places like Pagudpud or Mt. Pulag where I can have my social networking & city stress detox.

Every time I need to work & I just need to search for a name, a place or a message on Facebook, I end up roaming & greeting everyone who has a birthday and commenting on photos. Gahhh… MUST. LEARN. HOW. TO. STOP.

Anyway, here are 5 signs that you are distracted.  If you’re reading this at work or in school, then you’re probably a candidate you procrastinator, you distracted person you!  (You know, it takes one to know one). Hehehehe.


1. You stare at an object & you don’t know what to do with it. – Sometimes, a tab on my web browser is open but I find myself staring at it for n seconds already.  Worse, at other times, I even find myself going to some part of the house & forgetting what I’m suposed to do.  I just feel like someone has possessed me and brought me to some random place. *Yikes!*

2. You can’t go on because you feel overwhelmed. – Yup. This plus PMS. Oh, just imagine the possibilities disaster.  I really tried not to use the PMS card but it just gets to me sometimes.  It’s like the rational part of me just gets overtaken by these hormones.

3. You can’t seem to focus on one thing. – It’s so tricky!  It’s like a chicken & egg thing. I don’t know if I’m distracted that’s why I can’t finish work or I can’t finish work that’s why I’m so disturbed with guilt–the kind the creeps in & consumes me!

4. You can’t even look at the person you’re talking to. – This is Ponggo when he’s busy with Clash of Clans & this is me when I’m in the zone and finishing a design or computing something.

5. You can’t even complete your sentence. – This is definitely me with Ponggo when I try to tell him something & I pause midway because I suddenly fell in love with a random colorful photo on Instagram.

Whew!  I survived writing a blog post without getting distracted!  #CelebrateLittleAchievements




My laptop screen went funny a few months ago and they had to replace it. I was so shocked that I had to return the old one together with the washi that I placed on it.  Oh well.  So, after receiving a sticker from Mansy the other day, I finally redecorated my laptop!
Speaking of crafting, we finally the details for the Inky Doodles Workshop:

Date: September 13, 2014
Day: Saturday
Time: 1-5pm
Fee: Php 2,950.00
Venue: Hey Kessy Studio in Esteban Abada (parallel Katipunan Avenue)

Online Regisration will start by the end of this week. Please watch our for updates via Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

That was a pretty tough sentence to write!  Alternating between tabs & inserting all the links made me loiter on the www yet again!  *Eep!*

P.P.S. And oh, if you’re wondering where you can view all our stopmotion videos, follow @googlygooeys on Vine! 🙂

P.P.P.S. *Oh please, how many P’s do we really need?* Anyway, more comics about distraction here:
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April San Pedro
April San Pedro
9 years ago

Oh Im definitely one of the candidates too… If being distracted has honor system this is probably one of my achievements hahaha. But seriously. I should really stop once in awhile.

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