Googly Gooeys Alphabet of Social Networking Part21
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Social Networking Alphabet (Part2)

Social Networking Alphabet (Part 2) Well, here’s part 2 of the Social Networking Alphabet! If you missed part 1, scroll down or click here. I’m just amused that there’s really nothing good under “U”.   Suggestions anyone? 😉  Everything that we could think of starts with the prefix “un” which usually comes with rants & drama […]


The Googly Gooeys are Getting Married

So people have been asking us about the state of Tipsy & Ponggo’s love life (LOL). Well, 2 years ago, Ponggo surprised me on what was supposed to be a trip with my girl friends only to Paris. Here’s the latest update: a save the date stop motion video 🙂 -Tipsy Related Posts: Planning for

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