Tokidoki Philippines

Googly Gooeys Tokidoki Lessons from Simone Legno
GOOGLY GOOEYS, metro manila

Tokidoki SM City with Simone Legno

I’m writing this on the eve of the 5th birthday of the Googly Gooeys and I couldn’t be any more grateful.  I think I just met the awesomest, inspiring & most humble artist in my life!  Ponggo & I were at the Tokidoki launch at SM City North Edsa today & we got to meet […]

Flipagram for Vine Pinterest Preview

Toki Doki Philippines & Googly Gooeys on Pinterest & Vine!

I’m just really really happy that even if my computer is not currently fully functional, my screen’s at least working!  We were at a meeting the other day when my laptop screen just decided to go black for no reason.  *Yikes!*  Anyway, after having it slightly repaired, the LCD’s aliiiiive again! *Whew* I just can’t

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