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The Googly Gooeys on Elements Magazine, Malaysia

The Googly Gooeys are on Elements Online Magazine based in Malaysia! Googly Gooeys were interviewed by Aggie and her team & here’s a sneak peek 😀 “Any ideas of what the baby names will be?” “So you guys don’t own a tablet so all cartoons were drawn using a trackpad?” “Are there any exciting upcoming […]

Sago Project Orange Photos

Hello hello! :)

    Hello hello! 🙂 I promised myself that I should be spending more time offline during this long weekend (at least here in the Philippines). So I did. I bought a new set of markers & voila–got stuck doodling on oanother land. Here are some doodles I made this weekend. I also spent time

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Smartphones in Bathrooms

Smartphones in Bathrooms: Thanks or no thanks to smartphones, people now spend more time on the toilet seat! Instead of taking the cue from their digestive system as to when to leave the toilet, they stay longer unecessarily until they’re done no thanks to the fact that smartphones are brought to bathrooms.

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