ink fest 2015

Tiny Hands Big Dreams 800 pixels

INK Fest + Color Pop Fair in Photos

Whew! That was one eventful weekend!   First off, we had to attend a friend’s wedding.  The next day, we were at the INK Fest at Fully Booked in BGC then we headed straight to National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fest event at the MOA Atrium. This is one of the two paintings I did for the mini exhibit […]

Ballerina Dance Like No Ones Watching1

All About Color This Weekend

Wahh! It’s been a week since I’ve blogged!  Oh noes. I tried staying away from social media as much as I can so I could finish all the crazy deadlines.  So far, I’m done with 2 final artworks, 1 talk, 1 workshop, 2 tiny paintings and I have yet to do 16 pages of doodles,

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