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Smartphones in Bathrooms

Smartphones in Bathrooms: Thanks or no thanks to smartphones, people now spend more time on the toilet seat! Instead of taking the cue from their digestive system as to when to leave the toilet, they stay longer unecessarily until they’re done no thanks to the fact that smartphones are brought to bathrooms.

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planning for the big day :)

…and for those who are planning for the big day, here are a few tips from model, host, blogger & bride-to-be Patty Laurel ♥ ♥ ♥ CLICK HERE to view Patty’s Brown-out Proposal GO to Patty Laurel’s blog. FOLLOW Patty Laurel on Twitter   read on and place your comments 🙂 don’t be shy, we don’t bite

GG short replies
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Short Replies

Short Replies : Don’t you just hate it when you eagerly start a conversation and all you get are short replies? O_o sometimes, getting replies like these are annoying… or sometimes funny depending on your mood 🙂 o? ok? k? what else is on the list? Not a fan of short replies, Tipsy

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