Twenty-four hours ago, I found myself irked after seeing another “Huhuhu…I’m not so good at this” Instagram entry below an awesome photo / artwork / lettering work.  It was also coupled with seemingly tortured and crying emojis.

While typing this now, I don’t actually quite remember why it hit a nerve last night that it forced me to take this to Twitter, the Googly Gooeys Facebook page & my personal Facebook account where the issue was finally resolved.

I mean, I used to buy these captions and they sent me laughing at how ridiculous it sounds.  It also made me feel as though all my works were below worthless but it in a funny way. I'm So Not Good At This

But, after noticing that this has become the staple caption for anything being posted as far back as 3 years ago to just a few months ago, I feel like, “Sorry guys, you can’t fool me anymore.” I think you know how awesome you are and I just think you ought to embrace it.

Well, it doesn’t just happen with artworks.  It’s also the same with apologetic captions by close-to-perfect models which also reminds me of a post by a dancer a couple of months ago that went “Huhuhu…I really need to practice some more”.  The photo was that of her with a more than 180-degree split while standing up.   Seriously, how many “but you’re so good (insert tortured and crying emojis)” comments do you really need to let it all sink in? Is this what you prefer to bathe yourselves with every time?

It’s as if, “I’m sorry. Is this my awkward cue to shower you with compliments?”

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Patty & Kelly Baby Shower

Well, speaking of showers, on the brighter side, here’s a bunch of photos that I’ve been meaning to share with you for a couple of weeks now!

I met Patty Laurel at the NAPBAS in Malaysia three years ago and we’ve been keeping in touch ever since. 🙂  Patty revealed to me that she was pregnant some months back and I was so happy for her!

Patty Laurel Kelly Misa Baby Shower K Cunanan
She told me that her baby shower was going to be summery and neon-themed.  I got excited since I’ve just been starting out with my abstract work this year and even though I’m happy with the process, I wasn’t really sure about the actual application of my design so now I had something to work on.  Also, 3 years ago, Patty featured the wedding invites I made on her blog.  Patty Laurel Kelly Misa Baby Shower

This year though, I’ve stopped receiving commissions for wedding invites to give way to other projects and schedules.  But it’s bittersweet that this whole endeavor is ending with Patty’s project as well just like it pretty much started 3 years ago.

Patty Kelly Summer Shower

I really enjoyed working on this invite and Patty was so easy to work with (if not the easiest to work with in my past decade of doing commissions).  I’m also happy that she was open to introducing some colors to the palette aside from the neon such as darker colors (magenta / red violet and dark blue) to make the colors pop and a neutral base to balance out the brightness.

Summer Neon Themed Baby Shower

When I walked into her party, I was so happy how there were geometric elements incorporated.  I mean, I’m such a fan of this look (check out our blog header…ahem…That’s why I sound so biased).   And, I’m also happy how some of the elements of the invite made it to the actual thing!

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Oh Boy Background

First off, the Oh Boy! brush lettering that I did made it to the backdrop while the paint daubs / random brush strokes made it to the cake.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I was telling my aunt who also happens to bake that I wanted to see my patterns on multiple surfaces.  She gave me icing to play with and I was really hoping to see my abstract design on a cake soon.

Delightful Miss Joyce Cake

So, when I saw a version of my design on the two-layer fondant by Delightful Miss Joyce, I was so happy I almost forgot it wasn’t really my party! 🙂 Hahahaha.

Nikki Gil

It was also fun to see all the guests wearing summery colors.  I have worked on a number of wedding invites where there’s always a section where the couple introduces a palette for the guests to wear.  I didn’t really know how this was going to affect the party until I saw everyone who attended Patty & Kelly’s baby shower.

Patty Laurel Baby Shower

Some wedding invite clients would also tell me that they’re waiting for the invites to get done as it will become the basis for the aesthetic of the party and I really didn’t understand it then until a couple of weeks ago. *Oops!*

Patty Laurel Tippy Go Kelly Misa

So super thank you Patty & Kelly for making me a part of your baby shower! 🙂

Colorful Tablescape Baby Shower

Guests (on the upper right), just like me can’t stop taking pictures.  I had to consciously remind myself that I had to sit down and that I wasn’t the official wedding photographer.  Harhar.

How cute are these tiny egg sandwiches?  I love everything that K. by Cunanan’s team did.  They know how to match good food with the proper visuals and that’s really something. 🙂

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Patty Laurel & Kelly Misa
When I look at Patty & Kelly, I always forget that they’re having boys even if there’s a huge “Oh boy!” in the background. Pregnancy seems to suit them and I’m really hoping that when it’s my turn, it will be kind to me too! 🙂 Hehehehe.

K Cunanan Baby Shower BackgroundSo, there. Congratulations Patty & Kelly and I can’t wait to see your babies in July! :)




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