My Messy Living Room

Well, I was supposed to be cleaning the house but as usual, if you follow the Googlygooeys (@googlygooeys) on Instagram, you would know that I always end up doing this, this, this, this, this and this 😛 So tonight was another attempt at cleaning our place while Ponggo’s on vacation but I ended up doing this instead…Now I have a messy living room.

Googly Gooeys Pins

I believe I’ve made more mess than ever by arranging & rearranging things and clicking the night away.  I’ve officially cancelled out days and days of fixing the house. (This is pretty much how I tend to cancel all my calorie-burning efforts too by rewarding myself with desserts after..Pffft).

Googly Gooeys Pins & Markers

I was planning to do a new post with updates on where people can get all the Googly Gooey products while the online shop is under construction. But no-ho-ho-ho. My mind just went straight to markers, pins, washi tapes, colorful books and whatever else it is that I can pick up around the house.

If you’ve joined our Triple Click & Win Promo, you would know that we gave away some Googly pins.  If you didn’t make it to the top 11, fret not, you can still get the pins are available at Analog Soul in Trinoma.

People have been asking ever since if there’s a branch nearer their place that’s selling Googly Gooey stuff aside from Trinoma. Well, the nice thing about Bag Tag is that they have branches allover the Metro plus one in Cebu! We have 32 Bag Tag designs and they’re costumizable! 🙂 You can put your name, address, e-mail or whatever message you want on your bag tag.  Lots of our friends bought bag tags because they said it’s easier to spot their luggage when playing the ever exciting will-I-get-the-right-bag-with-the-right-timing-off-the-conveyor belt game! 😉

Bag Tag on Crumpler

Bag tags are also good in preventing bag mix-ups especially in schools where no matter how unique you think your bag is, someone else apparently has it! Finally, bag tags are very good personalized last minute gifts without being so obvious. Ehehehehe. Alright, alright, here are the Bag tag branches:

1. SM North Edsa
2. TriNoma
3. Robinsons Galleria
4. SM Megamall
5. Market! Market!
6. SM Mall of Asia
7. Alabang Town Center
8. Mactan Cebu International Airport

Bag Tag on Orange Bag

Speaking of getting organized & making sure you don’t lose anything, we have the Filed Folders! 🙂

Filed Folder

We made sure that the designs on the folders will keep you sane enough when you’re dealing with all those deadlines! We have the How to Survive the Eve of a Deadline and Cramming Gives You Superpowers folders. The nice thing about the Filed Folders is it has lots of pockets inside for all the documents and all the tiny stuff you love to keep (and you don’t really need but you stuff in your folder anyway). 😉

By now, you would have noticed the blue and orange 1/2 of an analog phone in most of the photos. Honestly, I haven’t really used them except for photo shoots (which means this & Instagram). Hehehehe 🙂

Back to the folders…

Here, I tried putting all the colorful things I can find just to show you how many pockets it has.  Yes, that was the fun part for me…getting to choose the colors of the markers and arranging them for this shot–just one of my shallow sources of happiness.  And oh, it has this detachable sheer pencil case.

Googly Gooeys x Filed Folder (Open)

Filed Folders are available in the following Fully Booked branches:

1. The Fort / BGC
2. Trinoma
3. Greenhills (Promenade)
4. Rockwell
5. Eastwood
6. Gateway
7. North Edsa
8. Katipunan

Finally, how can we not include the Analog Soul x Googly Gooeys shirts? 🙂

Googly Gooeys x Analog Soul Shirt

Yup. That’s our Analog Soul x Googly Gooeys A Brief History of Procrastination tee! This shirt has been reprinted! This is our response to the ever growing population of procrastinators thanks or no thanks to the internet. 😉 Analog Soul is in Trinoma, just right across Taco Bell.

By now you have been seeing the “Free Font Index” book one too many times & what’s funny about it is that the Googly Gooey font for our cartoons is actually a home made font we call “Zeh Googly Boogly”. Actually, if I had the chance to modify it, I’d call it “Zeh Googleh Boogleh”. Then again, that’s just me thinking about changing names at 2am.

Well, that it! Thanks for tuning in to an episode of My Messy Living Room. I shall now ease into my put-that-thing-back-where-it-came-from-or-so-help-me mode!

‘Til then!


Tipsy ❤

P.S. If you live outside Metro Manila or the Philippines, you may send your product inquiries here.

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