Calligraphy, Lettering & The Watercolor Swap

Here’s a list of Calligraphy & Lettering Tools & Terms:Lettering & Typography Tools & Terms

Whew! Did you see how I made my way through Y there just to be able to build this alphabet? Hahahaha. I’m also hoping that it doubles as a brush lettering guide.  Anyway, this was my original list.  Feel free to let me know what I should HAVE written instead! Hehehe.

Automatic Pen
Calligraphy Pen / Chalk Pen
Dip Pen
Fountain Pen
Gold ink / Gum Arabic / Gouache
Hairline / Height
Ink / Italics
Justified (alighned both left & right)
Kerning (spacing between letters)
Liquid Acrylic (in a bottle) / Liner / Leg (of a letter)
Marker / Metallic Ink
Oblique Holder
Pencil / Palette
Quill (Feather)
Ruling Pen
Straight Holder (Calligraphy Pen) / Serif!! / Shadow
Typewriter (Haha)
Vertex (?)
Watercolor / Wdith
X-height  (height lowercase letters without ascenders & descenders)
scrabble piece with 4 points. 😉 / Yarns (?) / Yellow Ink
Zig Zag / Zoom

When I started this, I was really thinking,

“This is nice.  I’m finally taking the time to come up with a more complex post than usual.” “This shall be a step towards evolution & improvement.”
“I finally have an excuse to use those long afternoon shadows!”

 Then, after hours & hours of going through each letter, “Oh my gosh! This is making me crazy! When am I supposed to finish this????? Stop editing & revising!!! Go finish the lay-out!”

Anyway, speaking of calligraphy & lettering, save the date & mark your calendars!  See you on July 4 & 5 for Type Lab Manila! 🙂  Like Type Kita on Facebook or follow @TypeKita on Instagram for more details about this event. 🙂

Type Lab Manila Calligraphy Lettering Conference

P.S. We opened the July 19 workshop for Fully Booked (although we haven’t announced it yet on Instagram, E-mail and anywhere esle).  So, this is our little secret.  😉 We have a few slots left & if you’d like to sign up, you can fill up the Watercolor & Lettering Workshop form here.

P.P.S. Would you like to win a new phone? Have you joined our Xiaomi giveaway here? 🙂

Meanwhile Watercolor Swap
These days, I don’t really know what category I strictly fall under and I realized that the answer is: NONE.  Haha.  Today, I’m on my way to an illustration exhibit and I need to drop by a blogging / Instagramming event.  Then, in July, I will be a part of a series of talks about typography.  I’m not complaining though–I’m just amused.  It’s as if I should change my life motto / Instagram description to “any excuse to play with color” or something along that line.

Last April 26 though, I was part of a watercolor swap. 🙂

Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap

Above: Just a fraction of the loot from the watercolor swap! 🙂 These are the works of @JuneDigann, Alessa of Life After Breakfast–the one who organized this event, @ArleneSy, Drop Cap by @LorraElena, a quote by @AbbeySy, a portrait I forced @IoriDori to make. Hahahaha, a portrait by @MeganDino, and a fashion illustration by @Choleil.

Dr. Ph Martin's Watercolor InksI brought with me my trusty Dr. Ph Martin’s bottles and half pans which are now all empty by the way. Hahahaha. I’d like to think it’s a good sign that I get to consume my stuff though. “It’s a good indicator that I’m not hoarding…or so I think”, said the defensive hoarder.

Herschel Notebook Wiji LacsamanaI also got some some stuff from Herschel and Wiji Lacsamana (@CuriousWiji).  I’ve been a fan of her works before her Instagram days!  I’m just happy to see everyone and actually, there was a Herschel contest on painting a landmark which I happily sat out on since there were just so many good artists.  Haha. I know, I’m not a good example.  But, I’m just in awe of everyone’s works.  So, who was at the watercolor swap? 🙂

Here are the artists & their Instagram handles:
Valerie Chua – @ValerieChuaArt (If I’m not mistaken, 5/7 participants including myself learned watercolor from her!)
Anina Rubio – @AninaRubio
Macy Alcaraz – @MacysFields
Fran Alvarez – @WedThursFran
Cynthia Arre – @ArnCyn
Abbey Sy – @AbbeySy
Yas Doctor – @HeyPatatas
Alexis Ventura – @InkScribbler
Iori Espiritu – @IoriDori
Arlene Sy – @ArleneSy
Lorra Elena Angbue-Te – @LorraElenea
Megan Diño – @MeganDino
June Digan – @JuneDigann
Louie Anne Garcia – @LatBGarcia
Jamie Catacutan – @JamieCatt
Soleil Ignacio – @Choleil
Wiji Lacsamana – @CuriousWiji
Alessa Lanot – @LifeAfterBreakfastPH

I was also so thrilled to see @MansyAbesamis of @HeyKessy so it was like our mini La Union reunion. Hehehehe.

Life After Breakfast Watercolor Swap

Clockwise: More prints from Megan & Jamie and some brushes from @CraftCarrot.  I’m so happy with the leather watercolor brush case that I got from Alessa.  She made it herself.  How ingenious! 🙂  I’m also enjoying that 5/0 brush.  I never thought I could actually handle a brush that small but this one turned out to be cooperative and friendly especially for tiny spaces.  I used it in my “numbering watercolor project” here. 🙂

Lunchbreak Project Cards & NotebookI also love the notebook & cards I got from The Lunchbreak Project.  I used to have notebooks which all have the same sizes.  I would write down all my Googly / blog / project ideas there as well as to-do lists.  That phase was gone for a while as I started to keep everything in my phone & laptop.  But, that quickly resumed as soon as I went back to writing everything on that pretty fish notebook.  I know that these days handmade is really mainstream in terms of aesthetics but I still can’t deny my love for vector (digital) illustrations.  So, I’m relieved to see those colorful notebook & card designs. :)

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9 years ago

How adorable Tipsy! That “Y” is golden! You nailed it. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Haha! Your workshops are still on my bucket list though. I’m hoping to cross it out someday. 🙂

Cym Marzan
9 years ago

Lovely loot! Are those the watercolor themselves or are they prints?

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