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Ahhh…Just got excited that I get to pour my thoughts here once again. The first time I did a full length worksheet for our workshop with Ayala Museum last year, I fell in love with the process of creating worksheets.  I would tell my hubby & my friends that I feel within me that building a worksheet booklet might probably be a fun idea.  To this day, the Digitizing Workshop now has 14 pages in worksheets while the Watercolor Doodles has 12. Hahaha. I find myself adding a sheet or two every session.  Okay. That’s still pretty short at 26 in total but still, for someone who feared creating worksheets, that’s already long. Haha.

Speaking of fear, I always have fears & doubts before starting any project to a point that it has become pretty standard.  I’m so happy that I can now recognize its arrival.  Okay.  I still get fragile, confused and overwhelmed project after project but Seth Godin’s Talk about the Lizard Brain, some help from the Creative Pep Talk Podcast & even just a 3 minute session with Headspace every single day has helped I guess. *I hope!*

I’m writing this at 11:40pm. My body wants me to sleep but my mind tells me that if I don’t actually post this tonight, my brain (and especially my emotionssss) will have time to critique my plan so here goes!

I’m posting the How to Draw a Bunny handouts for you guys to download. 🙂
Why? Well, I don’t really know if I’m supposed to bluntly state my objectives but it’s in my heart & it’s about to burst (…and Simon Sinek said that you should Start with Why) 😀

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1) I imagine parents, kids, aunts & uncles, siblings and kids at heart bonding over this worksheet.

2) We do get to go around for workshops.  Grateful to have gone to Cebu, Iloilo & CDO this year and more places in the Philippines soon but I just feel there’s a lot more I could reach if I put this here on the internet.  I will not be able to get to all the 7,107 islands nor all the countries around the world in my lifetime. I hope this tiny tiny token is something I can leave when I permanently leave the earth (?) *Gahhh…This girl. So dramatic. Her hormones are writing on her behalf.*

3) I hope this becomes a tiny tool to make you believe that YOU can draw. ANYONE can draw if they just sat down, practiced & believed they can draw. (The same way I can’t cook because I haven’t really invested time in cooking. Hihi.)

4) Yes, I do fear the day that this becomes a tool for a nightmare like my sister would share with me on deviant art where a publisher / school / workshop group in a random country replicates the files and turns it into something else but I’m still banking on the 99% chance that someone will be polite enough to write us an e-mail via ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com should any of these materials be used for profit just like a publisher from Brazil e-mailed us years ago for our Googly comic jpegs.  Also, if you own a blog, kindly redirect them to this page instead of uploading the files on your page. 🙂

5) Hoping, hoping, hoping that I can work on more worksheets after this. Oh wait. Right. I just made new worksheets for our workshop with Summit Books at the Philippine Readers & Writers Festival!  So, if you want to get your hands on freshly printed worksheets, join us on August 27 from 1-2:30pm for a free Cartoon Figure Drawing Workshop in Raffles Hotel in Makati.

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So there.
Spilled my thoughts spontaneously via my keyboard.
Here are the bunnies!

How to Download:
Option A:
Step 1. Right click the photo.
Step 2. Click ‘Save as’ or ‘Save Image’
Step 3. Print on an A4 paper (or let your printer resize if you have another kind of paper).
Step 4. Enjoy and share with your friends & loved ones!

Option B: Click on the links below to isolate the JPEG files.
How to Draw a Bunny (Page 1)
How to Draw a Bunny (Page 2)

The Googly Family! 🙂

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