He Says, She Says

"Your stuff is always so messy I can't find my things here" "You always clean everything up I can't even locate my stuff", tipsy & ponggo are arguing about having a clean or messy house

He Says She Says

Our house is such a mess right now.  He just love love loves leaving his stuff around the house. If he chooses to remove his shoes in one corner, then you’ll find it there for days. Then if he removes his socks near the bathroom, it will be there for days. If a receipt falls from the a shopping bag, the receipt will be on the floor until someone picks it up. These days, he’s into practicing his putting skills inside the house and at night, I have to be careful not to accidentally step on golf balls in the dark on my way to the bathroom.

When we just got married, I used to stay up late and lost weight just by cleaning the house.  When I finally gave up on my own obsessive-compulsiveness, I tried leaving the house messy for days and days until I can’t stand it, we’ll start cleaning the house again.

Then again, don’t get me wrong. I also have a fair share of mess inside the house. He hates it when I leave bubbles on the sink or when my art materials are scattered wherever. Then again, the difference between us is that I always try to put back stuff where it came from.  He hates it especially when he’s still in the middle of fixing reports or working on some mechanical or electronic stuff because he ends up having a hard time searching for all the tiny parts and things I’ve kept in random cabinets.

Organized chaos works for him in the sense that it may appear chaotic but he exactly knows where his stuff is (and I know of a lot of people who are into this too). I, on the other hand sort of subscribe to this thought that the state of the house is more or less a reflection of the state of my mind.  I can’t work when things are where they’re not supposed to be.  😛

I guess we’ll eventually find a middle ground (or I hope we will) but first, I hope I can find that pen I’ve been looking for for days now O_O


Tipsy ❤

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