Hello everyone! It’s Ponggo here.

It’s shopping time again for me! I’ve been looking for a mini cruiser board for a long time already.  However, since I’m so picky.  I could not find something that I really like. Either the design is off or the colors are dull. I went to a lot of shops out here but, I could not find something that I like. So what did I do? I started searching online for something I like!

Cruiserboard Skateboard Form Versus Function

I stumbled upon www.Globe.TV. All I can say is that the only problem I had with that site is the fact that I had too many choices this time! Waaaaaahhhhh!!!

So now, how do you get to ship Globe Cruiser Boards to Manila? We know a lot of friends & relatives and their main dilemma is how to have something shipped from the US to your home without having to claim it elsewhere?  This was also my dilemma with the board but good thing there’s Gcash Amex Virtual Pay! Yup, whatever item you purchase online, it will be delivered straight to your home. We’ve actually tried this so many times & we’re just happy this is available. You can check out the step-by-step procedure here.

Aside from getting your stuff delivered straight to your home, the other perks of using Gcash Amex Virtual Pay is that you get to use a virtual credit card and your’e given a US address where you can have the items delivered before it all gets shipped to your My Shopping Box account.  You can also opt to have the items shipped via air or sea depending on your budget & how fast you want these to arrive.  Usually, we have bigger items shipped via sea. 🙂

I had an initial design that I liked, but being OC, I asked Tipsy about her opinion about it. Wrong move! It took us a while before I was able to choose a board that we both like. From being a fullly designed board, the choice went down to a plain deck, but a brightly colored one :p

Facing the Back

When you buy online, it’s almost always cheaper. However, in this case, it wasn’t. I was only after the particular combination that I want. I was just so happy that I was able to find something that I wanted. Normally retail shops only carry a handful of items on hand. If you are in a hurry, you don’t get to choose what you really want. So if you are very picky about the stuff that you get, purchase them online.

Globe Skateboard Bokeh Top View

Quality-wise, I think the Globe branded cruiser boards are one of the better brands in the market. I have tried a couple of other ones and i felt that they were kinda flimsy and might not be able to carry my weight. This on the other hand felt firm on my feet. (Talking as if I am a real skateboarder! Hahaha!)

Standing on the Skateboard

See! It did not crack! Hahaha! It was fun riding this one. How many times did I slam on the ground? So far, 0! My bones are intact! So I guess the next thing that I will start purchasing are my safety gear!

Globe Skateboard Upclose Details

So what are you waiting for? Grab your own boards now and let us all skate!

The first step is first getting your own Gcash Amex Virtual Pay Account. Go to www.Globe.tv, choose the USA store. Good luck picking a design that you like and ship it to your My Shopping Box address! It is that easy to get a board that you like!

Not a fan of cruiser boards? Doncha worry, there are a lot of other stuff that you can purchase online like books, art materials, exercise gear, vinyl records, vintage cameras and the like.  Check out what we were able to buy so far here:

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Lady In Pink
Lady In Pink
9 years ago

hahaha i’ll choose the pink one too 🙂