I Could Get Used to This

Ponggo & I had a very toxic week.  We practically had no time to talk to each other at home except when working together on projects.  We also had to go back to our twisted schedules of him sleeping at 2-3ish in the morning with me waking up alone at 6:30am whether or not I had to go to the office. And, on weekends, while I would usually turn the alarm off & allow myself to sleep as long as my body wants while Ponggo had to rush to emergency meetings as early as 7:30am!

So much of this week is such a contrast to our relatively loose schedule last Thursday.  I can now say there are things that I can easily get used to & here’s a short list:

I Could Get Used to This

So, when our friends invited us over for a staycation at the F1 Hotel Manila in BGC, we said yes.  I’ve been begging Ponggo for a while now to try staying somewhere within the city during long weekends & brief holidays but he has never approved of the idea until the other day.  For the longest time, I also had my doubts.  Usually, we go on road trips to clear our minds.  How could staying in the city be possibly relaxing?

We were surprised.  BGC is so serene on a holiday you actually even forget that you’re in the city.  It was so quiet it was actually hard to get some work done.  Also, since travel time is so short, we didn’t feel as drained as we would usually be on out-of-town trips.

01 F1 Dessert by the Pool (with logo)

Above: That’s the pool & dessert bar calling!

Work? Yep. Pending work and the constant push and pull between the laptop and the comforter living up to its name. 😉 *Too many and’s in this sentence. Gahhh*

When we checked in that night, I changed into my black outfit & wore a pair of heels, I thought it we were going to have a strict schedule and that the place we were going to had an air of stiffness. As soon as I saw everyone in their most relaxed outfits, I opted for something more comfy instead 🙂

F1 Hotel Bonifacio Global City

That’s Ponggo looking out the window.  

We just realized how convenient the location of F1 Hotel is: I was able to shop (something that I haven’t done in months!?!?!), I was able to squeeze an hour of Plana Forma in the morning, managed to hold a quick & fun meeting and had dinner in Burgos Circle.  Our friends even managed to watch a movie & do their groceries during the downtime!

F1 Hotel BGC Swimming Pool

Above: …and because I’m such an Instagram addict, my mind was going “Oh my gosh, so many Instagrammable surfaces here!” *Click, click, click. Please forgive me.*

F1 Hotel Philippines Pool

You can easily tell: We spent so many hours admiring the poolside. Here’s a view from the 5th floor lobby.

Lunch at Luzviminda Puso

Then there was the food. Since it was the 116th day of Independence, it was just apt to have a Filipino-themed dishes.

F1 Luzviminda Desserts Bamboo

Above: Mangosteen parfait in a bamboo tube.

Well, these aren’t just Filipino-themed dishes, they were prepared by F1’s executive Chef Sau del Rosario together with Chef Tristan Encarnacion of Epicurious, Chef Pierre Tan, Chef Victor Barangan of Marco Polo Davao & Chef Editha Singian of Pino Restaurant in Cebu.  Talk about a star-studded line-up!

04 F1 Desserts Pastillas et al 2

There was Lechon Kawali & stuffed Lechon to name a few. (Did I just say the magic word?)  Each major group of Islands in the Philippines was practically represented.  You could have kinilaw or ceviche in three ways as prepared by Chef Sau del Rosario: the Luzon Ceviche a.k.a. Bicolano Kinlaw, Nilagpang Tuna from Visayas & Dabaw Kinilaw from Mindanao!Luzviminda F1 Hotel Durian Panna Cotta

Above: The Durian Panna Cotta!

They also had Cream of Cassava with Tapioca and Mushrooms, Ilocos Empanada, Ube Otap with Tiramisu. With each dish, you’re taken back in time as you get trace the Spanish influences as well as the popular ingredients in each region that has shaped the recipe through time.

Luzviminda 2 will run from June 12-26 so this June, take time to get to know your Filipino dishes at the F1 Hotel! 🙂

‘Til then next  F1 Hotel Manila staycation!

F1 Hotel Manila

32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, just behind St Luke’s Medical Center

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Olga C. Paguio
Olga C. Paguio
9 years ago

I’m soooo inggit! Haha! I’ll ask my partner to book a night there, too 🙂

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