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Ever since we’ve moved out of our respective houses when we got married, we had to get rid of a lot of things (and we still need to let go of moooooore stuff) *Please don’t sing Let it Go after reading this sentence.* 😉  From time to time, we would let go of our stuff and give it to the next random person who wants it.  During most times, we’re just simply overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we need to house whether or not we need it because we don’t know how to dispose of it properly.  So, Ponggo & I have been so tempted to check around our home lately to see how we can start selling stuff on OLX.ph  (formerly Sulit.com.ph) to make our tiny home bigger!!

At first, we were iffy about these online selling sites. I mean, how do you actually make sure that your items get sold?  How do you make sure you have a safe transaction?  While these websites are doing their best to keep everything smooth-flowing, the first step is really to do whatever you can within your means to protect yourself & your account.  Good thing OLX.ph has generously shared their tips to make it safer, effective & more fun for us to sell our stuff online! 🙂 From taking care of the safety of your accounts to ensuring that you get paid, they have it here. Read on:

Googly Gooeys Online Selling Tips with OLX

1. Don’t just sit & wait. – Spread the word! Share it on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! It’s so easy & you could always link your ad to your OLX account!

2. Don’t just grab an image – People will appreciate it if you have a photo you took by yourself.  It just goes to show that you have the actual item & that you’ve got nothing up your sleeve 😉

3. Price Fairly & Check the Average Rate – Don’t just pick a figure out of thin air.  Check & benchmark your items.  Why are you pricing it higher, is your item in a better condition?  Is it a collector’s item?

4. Give an honest description of the item. – Well, not really brutally honest & derogatory just like silly Ponggo in the cartoon above but just enough for the buyer not to get shocked or frustrated when they receive the product.  🙂

5. State Your Reason for Selling – This will enlighten your readers.  Are you selling it because you want an upgrade or because you just got tired of a hobby or in dire need of funds (for a new hobby?) 🙂

Need more tips to make your transaction foolproof? Check out the rest here.

Encourage your friends to try this fun way to expand their budgets without much effort by playing the amusing video below:

So, are you feeling it already? Just by looking around your house, are you seeing more ways to increase your budget for that dream vacation that you’ve always been saving up for? Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself saying “Yesss, Yaman!” the moment you’ve made your first transaction! 😀

So, Ponggo & I have scouted around the house & from my end, these are the items that I think I could let others enjoy:
OLX Books for Sale
Above: What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, Handmade Weddings, Bossypants by Tina Fey

What to Sell on OLX

Ponggo’s Stash: Upper Left: Canon 400d DSLR body, Upper Right: Canon A3100 Digital Camera, Extension Tube & Teleconverter both for Canon DSLR Cameras. 

I’m pretty sure you’ll easily be able to find stuff inside your homes too (or even just your drawer) like that old mobile phone or the dresses and shoes that has been crowding your closet!  Check out OLX.ph today!

OLX Sulit LogoWebsite: www.olx.ph/yesyaman
Facebook Fanpage: Facebook.com/OLXph
Instagram: @OLXph

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April San Pedro
April San Pedro
10 years ago

Hi Tipsy… are you selling the books? if so, is it still available? i like the handmade wedding and zahir…

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