Best Way to Start a Conversation

Best Ways to Start a Conversation

I must admit, a lot of times, I’m the one who’s tactless and I tend blurting out random comments.  On certain occasions, I even find myself thinking, “Oh gosh! Did I just say that out loud? That was supposed to be a private thought.”

Anyway, at other times, I’m at the receiving end of these usual conversation openers.  I don’t know if this is something that’s just common in the Philippines or Asia but people are always bound to notice your weight and appearance before anything else especially at big family gatherings and reunions.

Speaking of unsolicited comments, one usual favorite is “Why don’t you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend yet?” It’s actually as annoying as “Are you pregnant yet?”  Anyway, share with us your responses to the questions:

“Why don’t you have a bf/gf yet?” &/or
“Why aren’t you married yet?”

The best answers will be credited in the next post! 🙂 Don’t forget to leave your website or Instagram handle!



P.S. Happy Easter!  Since today is all about new beginnings, jumpstart your next project with this Watercolor Giveaway here! 🙂

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