Googly Gooey Shirts & Pins :)

Tipsy & Ponggo Tee

Googly Gooey shirts are now available at the following  Analog Soul Branches:

1. Analog Soul Trinoma, 2/F (right across Taco Bell)
 Googly Gooey pins are available at Analog Soul Trinoma.


However, if you live outside of Metro Manila or the Philippines, this page is for you 🙂

We’re accepting orders online! 🙂 Choose a design, consult the sizing chart below, then send your inquiries/orders to Shirts are sold at Php 575 each while pins are sold at Php 30 exclusive of shipping fees

GG Everything Pink Tee

Captain Ponggo Tee

Expectations Versus RealiTEE

Excuses Tee

Vampire Costumes

Wish List

Grades Tee

Downloading Tee

Attempts to Sleep

Life of Your Favorite Tee

Brief History of Procrastination Tee

Couple Tee (Tipsy Tee Available)

The Internet is Evil Tee

Five Stages of Dieting Tee

Oversleeping Tee

Camwhoring Tee

Good Night Tee

Cramming Tee

Toilet Tee

Googly Gooeys x Analog Soul Sizing Chart

GG pins with names

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