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We just noticed how outdated our FAQ section is , so here it is with all the new questions we’ve been receiving such as, “Will there be new characters when you have kids?” Anyway, if there’s anything we’ve missed, let us know via Twitter or e-mail.

Here goes:

1. Who are the people behind the Googly Gooeys?
We’re Tipsy (the pink goo) & Ponggo (the blue goo), the real-life couple behind the Googly Gooeys.

2. Are Tipsy & Ponggo dating/in a relationship? If so, for how long?

We’ve been dating for 9 and a half years & we just got married last year. ❤

3. So, what happens to your blog when you have kids?

If and when that time comes, we’ll add a junior Tipsy / Ponggo. Our kids will be in all shades of purple / violet depending on whose DNA’s more dominant. LOL.

4. What is your blog about?
Our blog is filled with random musings & we just usually poke fun at whatever it is that’s happening to us or around us.

5. What can we expect from your blog?
A pink goo with long lashes and rosy cheeks & a blue goo with a toothy grin and green eyebrows, fun, quirkiness, commentaries on the current state of the social networking and the internet, randomness (think blog entries about sleep, happiness, food, gadgets, dieting and games), serious things being taken lightly and lyrics taken too literally and of course color… lots & lots of color!

6. When and how did you start blogging?
It started with a bad day back in April 2009. We started drawing random figures in different hues. We noticed that learning how to laugh at a difficult and annoying situtations is a good and productive stress outlet. We made a Facebook page so that we don’t end up flooding our friends walls with random illustrations then in May 2010, we started posting actively on Tumblr–that’s when it officially became a blog We finally trimmed down our characters to the blue & pink goo and named them after our silliest real-life nicknames.

7. How do Tipsy & Ponggo really look like?
Hmm…we’re somewhere here.

8. Do you use a tablet?
For colds & fever, yes. For illustrations, no but we’ll be happy to receive one from you! 😉  Meanwhile, we’re stuck with our fingers & the track pad 😛

9. Where did you graduate?
from that school that stands on a hill between the earth & sky ♩♪♫♬

10. Can you please please draw me please?
Sorry but we do not accept requests and commissions are currently closed but, if you’d like to collaborate with us for our next entry, send us an e-mail ( Collaborators will be credited and promoted 🙂 Here are some samples.

11. Do you have any Googly Gooey merchandise? Where can I buy?
Our shirts & pins are sold at Analog Soul Trinoma(just right across Taco Bell) 😀

Filed folders are sold at the following Fully Booked branches:
1. The Fort / BGC
2. Trinoma
3. Greenhills (Promenade)
4. Rockwell
5. Eastwood
6. Gateway
7. North Edsa
8. Katipunan

Bag Tags are sold at the following branches:
1. SM North Edsa
2. TriNoma
3. Robinsons Galleria
4. SM Megamall
5. SM City Masinag
6. Market! Market!
7. SM Mall of Asia
8. Alabang Town Center
9. Mactan CEBU International Airport
10.Bag Tag Express, Raffles City Shopping Center, SG

12. Where are you guys from?
We’re from the Philippines! 🙂

13. I don’t live in the Philippines, do you ship to (insert country here)?
We can ship the shirts, folders & pins to anywhere in the world 🙂 Just type in your orders here . Payment may be made via Western Union or Paypal. We’re currently working on an online shop to serve you better 🙂

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10 years ago

where i can edit a doodle sheet?

10 years ago

All of your doodlings is funny and great! Keep up the good work! 🙂

Joy Caverte
Joy Caverte
10 years ago

pano po mka order ng tshirt couple?

10 years ago

This has been one of the inspirations of my very young blog, Canned Planet. Love all the comics/illustrations! I use inforgraphic though 🙂 By the way, I saw you guys last Blogopolis. Cool presentation! 😀

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