Blogopolis 2013 Into the Wild! Sold-out & Jam-packed!

Blogopolis is like a blog congress where both bloggers & advertisers get to learn more about blogging, the social media & how to maximize it.  This year’s theme is #IntoTheWild wherein WILD stands for Weaving Information for the Leaders of the Digital World!  Blogging & social media can indeed be very tricky.  Sometimes, it feels like as soon as you’ve figured out the game, the rules change!  We are grateful to have been invited to speak again in this year’s Blogopolis event and we were equally excited to listen to what everyone had to share!  During the talks, I kept on jotting down notes & live tweeting some quotable quotes from some of our speakers: Jim Paredes, Maria Ressa of & Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First (also my motto in life), TJ Manotoc & Chuckie Dreyfus.

Blogopolis 2013 Quotes

…and we just had to inject that quote on the last line.  Sorry, we can’t help it! 😉  

Blogopolis 2013 Maria Ressa & Ripple Effect Nuffie Awards

The series of talks was opened by the very inspiring Maria Ressa.  She shared with us how the digital world can help each other in the spirit of Bayanihan.  Currently, in the light of the recent Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), to find the missing persons, Rappler has teamed up with Google for database management, Department of Social Welfare  & Development for the names of the missing victims plus Facebook for its face recognition capabilities. was awarded the Ripple Effect–a well deserved one at that!

Blogopolis 2013 Abe Olandres, Lori Baltazar, TJ Manotoc, Jim Paredes

Clockwise: Abe Olandres of, also the country manager of Nuffnang, Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First talking about the importance of quality content, TJ Manotoc of AncAlerts talking about how netizens make it to the headlines and Jim Paredes imparting words of wisdom & saying that one is not a netizen if s/he has not been praised or condemned.  Kids, you see, long before Twitter, the song composed by Jim Paredes “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” which became the theme song of the 1986 EDSA Revolution.  So you can say he trended even for trending was invented 😉  It’s just amazing that he continues to have a strong influence in the online community years later.  

Blogopolis 2013 Divine Lee, Jackie Go, Franco Mabanta, Justin

Clockwise: Divine Lee hosting the games for the night, Jackie Go of winning one of her three awards & prizes that night, second host for the night Justin Quirino, host Franco Mabanta (a.k.a. Jasper from a Coke / Globe ad years back). 

Blogopolis 2013 Jeff Lo, Aisa Ipac & The Soshal Network & Christine Dychiao

Clockwise: Jeff Lo of talking about the importance of an interactive online community, Ana Gonzales & Aisa Ipac sharing how they’ve hosted a successful series of Bloggers United Events, Christine Dychiao of sharing what tools can bloggers use to drive back traffic to their blog & 2/3 of The Soshal Network joining the panel.

08 Jim Paredes & Franco Mabanta

Above: A quick Q&A with Jim Paredes as interviewed (a.k.a. cornered by) his nephew & host for the night Franco Mabanta about his favorite Tweeters.  It felt like we were eavesdropping on a very interesting & dynamic conversation during a family reunion 😉 

Blogopolis 2013: Abe Olandres, <a href=F.R. Javier, Jim Paredes & Ivan Henares” src=”×306.jpg” width=”460″ height=”306″ />

Left to Right: Abe Olandres, F.R. Javier who helped us take photos of the event during the night, Jim Paredes & travel blogger Ivan Henares.

Blogopolis Googly Gooeys Presenting

Ooh! That’s us (and the best part about writing this blog post & editing this photo is that I get to crop my legs. Yay! * & my standards of happiness.*

Blogopolis 2013 Googly Gooeys Presentation

Ponggo & I presenting…

Before we went onstage, it actually felt like we were doing the same marketing presentation we did a decade ago. *Oh no! I just gave away our age!*  I don’t really know what we were smiling at but I’m pretty sure among other things, thoughts like “What’s the next slide?” “Does my voice sound nasal?” “Am I eating my words?” “Are my feet together?” “Am I hunching my back?” “What am I supposed to say here again?” & “Why did I wear a dress? These legs don’t have the right to be exposed!” “I hope my hair’s behaving.”  *Nope, it didn’t end up behaving anyway* were nagging my brain.
Into the Wild Audience

The jampacked Hotel Intercon Makati function room.  Tickets were sold out that night & #Blogopolis trended even until the next day! Good job Nuffnang

Nuffie Awards Justin Quirino & Randolph Novino

Above: Second Host for the night Justin Quirino with Randolph Novino of Pinoy Screen Cast winning one of the digital cameras! Lucky guy! Incidentally, you will also find a link to his site at the footer of this website 😉

Blogopolis Panel with Christine Dychiao, Anthony & Tippy Go Jackie Go

Three Go’s & a Dychiao:  Christine Dychiao in a panel discussion with Anthony Go, Tippy Go & Jackie Go.
(Did I just refer to myself in the third person?)

Blogopolis 2013 Yen & Chuckie Dreyfus for the Ultimate Selfie

Mrs. & Mr. Dreyfus: Yen & Chuckie talk about the ultimate selfie and the importance of being the person you want to interact with online as well as being responsive to your readers.


Tippy Go, Tin Iglesias, David Guison, Eason de Guzman & Hezron Peralta

Above: Chilling before the Nuffie Awards with fellow nominees: fashion bloggers Tin Iglesias and David Guison together with Eason de Guzman of Asus & Hezron Peralta.

Blogopolis 2013 Jane & Tarzan of the Night Jackie Go & Victor Basa

Above: Pretty mom Jackie Go & My Husband’s Lover’s Victor Basa winning the Jane & Tarzan of the Night Awards respectively.  *This is the moment when I really really wanted to get one of those Oishi bags!*

Nuffnang Blogopolis Team

Above: The very hardworking Nuffnang Team who put together Blogopolis 2013 Into the Wild.  I woke up that morning and checked my Twitter account and voila, the Nuffnang girls are already in the holding room.  Registration started at 12:30pm but some of the girls were there since 6:30am!

Blogopolis 2013 with the Nuffies & the Food Club

Nuffies with the Food Club together with former Nuffnang Talent Manager Trixie Esguerra & Nuffnang Philippines Director Jay Singson.

Thank you blogopolis 2013 #intothewild

Thanks for having us again Nuffnang!  We’re also so proud of you guys to have donated 100% of the proceeds to Philippine Red Cross. We really learned a looooot, enjoyed ourselves and went home happy with giant bag of Oishi among other things.   We’re already excited for the next Blogopolis!

P.S. Missed Blogopolis this year & last year? Make sure you follow Nuffnang on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. If you have a blog, don’t forget to have it registered on the  Nuffnang Philippines website.  There are so many surprises for bloggers over there as well as opportunities to grow one’s blog & network with fellow bloggers. 🙂

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