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Summer Events Preview

Workshops and Art Events this April & May

Oh my gosh! So many exciting things happening this April and May! You’ve got free workshops, multiple exhibits, art events as well as workshops that require a minimum purchase that will help you make the most out of your summer! I will no longer delay you. Let’s go straight to the schedulesssssssss! 😀 April 19-23:


Blog Giveaway

Hello Guys! 🙂 OMG. The second month of 2017 is about to end :O It seems like the year has just started! We’re grateful for all the encouragement and support you’ve extended throughout our art & parenting journey 😀 We’re really happy to co-host another blog giveaway that includes our favorite watercolor & writing tools!

Googly Gooeys Two Sides of a Conversation 500

INK Fest 2015 + Two Sides of a Conversation

I don’t know when I will ever learn to be completely comfortable with the idea of this awkward non-reply in the middle of a conversation.  I must say though that I have improved over the years.  I no longer spend hours and hours questioning myself and doing some useless why-why analysis as to why I

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